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    going to "that house" every year to see their display. Now I am "that house"
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    28 years old , married with a 3.5 year old and 1 year old daughters. My wife thinks that I'm a fanatic, so do most of my friends; but I love christmas music and lights.
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    photography, reading, doing stuff outside
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    went live December 7th 2009 with 12,500 lights, 1500 feet of extension cord, and 32 channeks of LOR. Already planning on an upgrade for 2010.

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  1. i think most places, walmart and lowes go 75% on new years day
  2. hey everyone! I'm back and bright this year, have a few additions and a website that's constantly being updated.... www.kmlights.com gives song list, directions, facebook link, everything! 25k lights in elkmont alabama
  3. They are custom made, hand painted, the whole nine yards. On the bottom of 95% of them she engraved her initals, and the year ('78, '79 etc) They were really well kept and well taken care of too,
  4. Thats the issue I was runnign into, i've been going through it and it's about 9 36 gallon totes (probably close to 300 items) of handmade christmas items. I was trying to find out how much intrest there was in the items before I even start trying to take pictures of the items. Lack of space and time is not on my side... The church is wanting to have a yardsale next weekend and donate the money to missions from the sale of the items.
  5. Hello Everyone, My church was reciently donated a large estate from a deceased member. The only stipulation was that any money raised from the sale of the items was to be used for missions work. With my various connections and knowledge of selling things I have been tasked with the daunting task of going through the copious amount of items and figuring out what it worth what. This is where all of you inside christmas decorators come in! A greater majority, of the items are inside christmas related. With most of them being handmade ceramic figurines from the late 70s. These items are imma
  6. Hey Bret! good to see that your still around, with the tornado was worried about the displays over in your area. I know the Powells got taken out, though not animated they are the best well known around here... Going to come see your display this weekend after the rain stops
  7. Hey, I'm in the Athens area, actually 6 miles NW of Athens off Hwy 99. 3rd year of LOR with 32 channels and 21,000 lights including candy canes, a snowman, mini-trees, snowflakes and angels. I believe I'm the only one in Limestone county. I know of a guy in Morgan county, and there are several in Madison county that have been doing shows for a while. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Limestone-in-Lights/253552561361271
  8. If I am home I'll go outside on and off through the evening with a pocket full of candy canes, if someone is out there I'll hand some out. Otherwise the display takes care of itself. On at 5 off at 10 every night, only thing I do is post to the facebook page whether or not it's going to be running that night based on weather conditions. I don't stop my life just because the display is running, there are some nights that I'm not home at all all evening and everything goes off just fine. I do have a battery backup on the computer for just-in-case situations though.
  9. Welcome to the board, and this wonderful "hobby". we all gotta start somewhere. This was my second year being animated and I learned even more... next year planning to double what I did this year and go to 64 channels. Start small, plan plan plan, and keep it fun for yourself.
  10. here's video of my display. 1st one has Amazing Grace; Russian Dance; Christmas Canon, Holidays are Coming 2nd video has Hippo for Christmas, Christmas eve Sarajevo, Let it be christmas and Silver Bells
  11. just looking for a place to vent and blow off a little steam. Some nice person decided to drive 6 feet into my yard tonight, ran over 8 candy canes and then on the way out took out another 5. I got home and noticed right away that something was wrong. I grab my mag light to investigate and notice the candy canes strewn all over the yard and the tire tracks. I could tell that this had to be intentional not an accidental i hit the wrong pedal etc... luckly I had a dozen spares hidden away. so had to pull them out, test em and then was outside for 30 minutes putting them up. Then the night sta
  12. I thought I'd start this thread and people could post their address to their display. make it easier for our fellow "hobbyist's" to come check out each other handiwork. 21488 ashley brook way elkmont al 12,000 lights; 32 channel LOR; fm transmitter 105.3; 5:30-10 Mon-Thu 5-11 Fri-Sun
  13. IMO, I only use word of mouth for the majority of people. I do post of facebook alot about it, and several of my friends repost to their friends. i also drop a few flyers on the breakroom tables at work. I just let the christmas magic happen. I would say I probably get 10-20 vehicles a night. I don't sit and count, it's just a best guess as I can hear the vehicles park outside. I don't live on a busy street and I prefer to keep it that way. Another thing to worry about with more traffic is the risk of vandalism. The more people that know about the display the higher a chance for vandalism.
  14. hey everybody, not sure how many of us have taken a close look at what the stores have left on the shelves, lights and decoration wise but I've noticed a problem in my area, (huntsville/decatur/athens alabama) lowes and kmart have already put alot of their merchandise on clearance and it's been picked through pretty well. Wal-mart doesn't have anything left in the back room either(personally verified this) though none of their stuff is on clearance yet. There is slim pickings on what walmart has and not the overflow of lights that they have had in the past. My main concern is that if i/we
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