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    I have been a christmas enthusiast since 1995 buying more lights and displays every year.
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    audio video salesman.
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    adding new gemmy airblowns and led trees not a wholelot.
  1. Hey guys the other day i was google searching christmas inflatables and came across these. It seems as though they're only available in England. They are colorful ans nice. http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/inflatable-santa-grotto.html http://www.kidsco.co.uk/Christmas_Grotto.htm http://www.tjaysfun4all.co.uk/santas-grotto/santas-grotto
  2. I have an idea of a santas winter wonderland gingerbreadhouse. I seen this on a website and at the grove mall in los angeles and would love to see an inflatable like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f4AE5SYZQg&feature=related http://catdesigns.com/ click on the grove mall santas winter wonderland
  3. Would like to see a few different designs out there to create a gingerbread village.
  4. WOW!! this is awesome love all the inflatables especially the mickie and minnie toy stores.
  5. Thanks everyone i appreciate the compliments....sadly my santa carousel wa stolen out of the yard. Very frustrating didn't have any problems with theft last year was going to take everything down.....but wasn't going to let that kill my christmas spirit.
  6. I wanted to post these photos on last year thread to compare 2008 and 2009 displays.
  7. today I received my new addition for christmas 2009 the Real Santas Workshop I bought from the Holidayinflatablestore late Monday night. Didn't realise how big it is but man this thing is colorful and nice. The christmas bear pops out of the present which is the only thing that is animated. We didn't want to fully set it up in our back yard so the hooks and teathers wern't attached hence why one side is leaning backwards.
  8. I purchased this inflatable Real Santas Workshop from the holiday inflatablestore late Monday night 3/23/09. Will post pics once I receive it.
  9. I bought this inflatable last saturday 3/7/09 off the Holiday inflatable store website. They only had one its a sample piece the inflatable doesn't have any zippers on it. I took the pics at 7:45am this morning after all the rain had gone. The Elf got kinda twisted will fix it come the holiday season.
  10. thanks for the pic that inflatable is awesome. I wish there were more available at holidayinflatable store. We received the Santa Cottage today it is big it has to be at least 10-12ft tall pica tocome when the weather clears up....lol tried to inflate it in the den it took up alot of floor space and the ceiling wasn't thigh enough.
  11. I have space for this piece on the side of the house only one thing we have an 8ft carousel already.
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