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    3 vintage snowman blowmolds - tossing everything else out and starting fresh..... 12+ cases of GE LEDS from Lowes for this year.
  1. Jason~ Yes the covers are falling off due to water/ice - I'm guessing that when the water freezes and ice expands the covers pop right off. I've got a pile of the covers and fully expect more. Fun is... I better go comb the yard for more before this snowy blast hits. I'll get a pic up later today -
  2. Had my tree guy spend 6 hours stringing 2 weeks back he was into it so we put up many branches worth - it gets rave reviews all around. All lights are GE C9 from LOWeS and ran $10 for 50. I was very happy..... till today I find 30 odd globes all over the yard full of ice. Ughhhhhhh what to do - will they take them all back so I can get real lights next year?!?!??!! Total rookie in CT
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/LED-FLAT-5-WIRE-150-1-x3-8-RYBG-COLOR-BAND-ROPE-LIGHT_W0QQitemZ180304999284QQihZ008QQcategoryZ43424QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742.m153.l1262 I'm wondering what it looks like setup and programmed? Thinking ahead for next year.... Thanks! Bill
  4. West Hartford - gunning to be "that" house in town - begining stages of a three year attack plan!
  5. Gumbo

    C-7 C-9 dimming?

    Bill can you steer me to where I can learn about half and full wave? Maybe that explains the color difference? I looked all over packaging and inner info card and found nothing about those terms. Thanks - Bill in CT
  6. Sounds like I'm OK - thanks for the help. I was concerned mostly from reading somewhere in my surfing around about a controller that could dim the leds and made it seem like a big deal or new product. 'Course I couldn't remember which place - TOO MANY sites. For this year my handy mason who used to work for a tree pruner is coming this morning. I'm going to have him up in my 50-60' beech tree with the C9s (because that's what I have the most of) Sale wise you betcha I'll be out there getting another couple or half dozen cart fulls of lights!!! THANKS again folks! Happy HOLLANDAISE:D
  7. Gumbo

    C-7 C-9 dimming?

    I'm a total noob and filled two shopping carts with lights today just to get all the remaining white led strings at two lowes. Some of the sets not mentioned in title are a softer white and I may return them. All are GE brand LED. So my question is will I be able to use these lights - 500 C-7 and 1000 C-9 with a light o rama setup next year? I want to be able to dim, strobe and twinkle. Will these do it? Thanks so much - glad to have found your forums here! And thanks to youtube for hooking me on lights again!
  8. Hey folks ~ Bill here from Connecticut. I've recently gotten sucked into watching youtube light videos and now have the bug. I went out and bought up all the LED GE lights in clear at my local LOWES and am just wondering if I screwed up?!!? Because I want the lights to perform the dimming, twinkling - strobing functions. Will LEDs do this or do I need incandescant. Thanks! I tried calling LOR but they're closed for the day...
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