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  1. https://www.facebook.com/OhioChristmasDisplays I was trying to find a facebook page that was all ohio in general to look for displays and didnt find one. so im hoping this might grow to a pretty big list of displays around ohio. im working on making a google map to make it easy to find. I hope people from ohio will add there display and like. thanks alot matt
  2. we will prob drive past friday night after a day of xmas shopping lol.
  3. sounds good twisted, that is real close to me. gonna have to stop and take a look
  4. hey disneyman, your display is one we stop at every year. drove past right before thanksgiving hoping to catch ya putting up lights to chat but with no luck. ill have a display again this year but do not know how big it will be as im pretty well done with incad lights. right now i have about 6k leds up and still looks bare. no website up yet but hit me up if you still wanna swing by. live outside delphos about 10mins from elida down piquad rd. 4343 good rd. delphos shoot me a email if you decide to stop by and if you want to chat i should be home matt @ schoolhouseelectronics.com
  5. i got a email and they are willing to ship. he said all he has is clear and thousands at that.
  6. found about 12 boxes of 10 in mc and clear at menards. they were 8 bucks a box. they do not dim well. they flicker and what not. i could get them for you. let me know.
  7. id be down for the 100 ct clear if they are at the 75% off price. let me know if they still have them
  8. how much a box?? im looking for all the 100ct clear and blue
  9. do you know if these would fit in a square D homeline series??? if so i would be interested in 4 of them.
  10. i would be interested in whatever you have. pls let me know. thanks
  11. i have red and green new, not in a box, threw that away for easier storage, but how many would you want in trade for all of them??
  12. i would be down for the red and green lights as well. put me on the list. thanks
  13. well i thought i would pop back over an say that im back up this year. after this weekend ill have close to 50k lights up runnings off 3 grinch controllers, 2 ren-c's for dimming, and 39 ssr's. my address is 4343 good rd. 45833 for anyone that wants to come look at it. but ya might wanna wait til after this weekend as it wont be all up yet.
  14. im going to talk with the gf tonight and see if she doesnt have a problem with me going and i will know for sure. if i come down and you guys need to borrow projectors, screens, speakers, etc.. i can get all that from work. so it would be no charge for you guys. just something to maybe help the cost. i dont know if you guys use that kind of equipment or not. i really want to try to make it this year.
  15. oh and there are alot of people on www.doityourselfchristmas.com that are from ohio as well. might want to try to put it over there.
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