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  1. Its amazing what happens when you go through the 5 Rubbermaid containers of "extra lights"... you find the replacement bulbs. I got my 12v bulb and replaced it. Christmas is saved...again. Greg
  2. I plan on putting up the set around 3pm on the 24th with my son so Santa can find the house. It will run for a few hours and then be off. I'll get new bulbs for next year. This was just a quick fix so my son didn't have a "meltdown" because Santa can't find the house. Greg
  3. OK so I have a set of runway landing lights with 160 minis (10 per light). One bulb went out and the other 9 went with it. SO I sheck the strand for extras.... nada. I read the tag and it was use 12v lamps. I don't have ANY other set that uses 12v's. So... I replace the offending bulb with a 2.5 and the set of 10 lights up minus the one i just replaced, the 2.5 is out. My question is, should I stand by with the fire extinguisher?
  4. I haven't seen a box of lights at any big box in well over a week that wasn't picked over. All the stores were running huge sales at the beginning of December.
  5. Ahhhh. OK now I think I see. It worked out right for the 100 light .34 amp strand. But it gets weird for the 300 light Icicle lights. The lights use .6 amps according to the strand. I enter .006 and I get a total result of 1.8 amp for the whole string. I give up .... I'm going to paper and pencil. Thanks Greg
  6. Ya that I know its the excel sheet that I think is wrong.
  7. Can someone help me, I was never good in math. On the worksheet for the lights, I start a new light making it .34 amps with 100 bulbs on 120 volts. Now the calculations that come up show my lights as .34 amps PER LIGHT for a 34 amp total on the string. That can't be right. Greg
  8. Have you ever seen the curtain tension rods used on windows? You turn them and they get shorter or longer and you can push them in to jam them into the window frame. Well that's what I used for my windows. One for the top, one for the bottom, some zip ties to hold the lights in place and viola.... Greg
  9. Your 5th Fall?! Heck, I would rented the lift after my first fall.....
  10. http://store.lightorama.com/sequences.html They have that song as part of the 2nd package.
  11. First year I moved in (few years ago) the neighbor came home to see my dad and I on my roof. He says "Great, now my wife is going to want lights!" Sure enough she did. Now he's moving and new neighbors are coming in the beginning of December. Hope they didn't think its was quiet house next to them......
  12. Date for my lights!?!? By this time last year I was only waiting to put the lights up, everything had already been planed and made. This year, I don't know where anything is or what I'm doing. I guess I better get a move on. It looks like 2nd weekend in Nov though, Only time I have to get help and have off. Greg
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