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  1. Thinking about adding RGB floodlights to this year's show. My question is: virtually all of the videos I've found (and like what you have done by the way) shows the floods on the house but usually doesn't show any snow. I live in Iowa - we have winter! Are rgb floodlights valid choice considering the weather or would I be best to consider alternative such as using coro props spread out over the approximate same area? (I know not really comparing apples to oranges but just looking for best way to incorporate dumb rgb color washes) Thanks for your advice.
  2. What are you looking for? How many channels? I may have some or look for "Christmas at the Goods" http://www.christmasatthegoods.com/sequences/Sequences/Home.html With an update it works for me in Win7
  3. Considering adding RGB Floods to the display as wall wash for ranch style house. We live in Iowa so snow is consideration. Looking for recommendations on placement... Uplighting or down? How far out from house? How far apart? Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. You might check with www.christmas-leds.com think they have it as wireframe
  5. check out www.christmas-leds.com - I love mine!
  6. I was happy with my set from Christmas Done Bright... here's video from my display... not super happy with the quality of video but gives an idea anyway http://dblights.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/15374626-christmas-story
  7. I Love This!!!! Do you have some measured drawings of the framework? or a how-to? Looks great - thanks for posting!
  8. Hi, Is anybody doing anything to make their show "interactive" involving the people to activate a special routine? Wondering about incorporating something into the show... keeping in mind I'm in Iowa (we have winter here) will people get out of the car to "push a button"? What ideas do you have that would help them feel a part of the show? Thanks,
  9. I'm almost done in Iowa Falls... lights will go on tomorrow night
  10. Greetings from Iowa Falls Halloween show now up and running... christmas sequencing done... let the fun begin!
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