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  1. Very nice display again this year Big J! moving this summer to TN, so last year for lights on our house in NC. Because of that, I have not made any additions this year...not looking forward to redesigning everything
  2. how are you running the RGB mega tree? what type of controller? I had an issue when I went from S3 to S4, my internet port quit working to connect to my RGB network switch. Can you ping the RGB controller from the computer? Also, check your network settings in the new S5. My guess is you are missing the network for the RGBs in the new S5. as for nothing working...ensure the LOR Control Panel is loaded (the little blue/red light bulb). It has to be off to get the hardware utility to work, but re-enable your show after you are done.
  3. Excellent idea! They can break down easy for storage and wont short out strands when wet like wire frames...who wouldn't like less GFCI trips?
  4. The little C7 flicker bulbs don't do well in cold weather and are usually packaged as indoor use only. They just cant get warm enough to flicker in the cold. I have DIY posts along the road that I use them in and are fine for warm evenings in NC. An option for a flicker is to use LOR and a normal bulb. I use orange or yellow in the pumkins. Then run a repeating program to create a candle flicker. We do this for Halloween for all our blowmold pumpkins in the yard and it looks incredible. We have well over 20 pumpkins and started by spliting 8 of the LOR outputs to multiple pumpkins.
  5. If you go with the thicker 10mm coro, the stuff you normally see in HomeDepot and campaign signs is only 4mm, you really won't require much bracing, if any. My 6'x6' snowglobe is 10mm coro and has one 2" stip running down the back, mainly so I can ziptie it easily to my pole. I use PVC tubes on the back of my little stuff and just slip it over wood stakes or 1/2" PVC over rebar. There are two big advantages to coro over plywood, completely weather resistant and very light weight. The con is prepping and getting paint/glue to stick to the plastic. I have begun using Liquid Nails Fuze-it h
  6. Not sure about a specific forum, but I picked up a converter to step down the 36V to 12V. https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Waterproof-Step-Down-Converter-Regulator/dp/B01LWXI5KZ/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_2­3­_­l­p­_­t­_­2­?­_­e­n­c­o­d­i­n­g­=­U­T­F­8­&­a­m­p­&­p­s­c­=­1­&­a­m­p­&­r­e­f­R­I­D­=­Q­S­S­6­5­3­W­0­Q450HXRARSRD A cheaper way is to just connect your 12V across two batteries, but with the converter it gets its load across all the batteries. It runs all the normal lights, radio, etc on the cart, however, I also installed a 12V "cigarette lighter" socket and use a small 120V AC i
  7. My concern with that would be if the cloth gets wet it will short across the posts.
  8. Shawn...if you can explain how I can turn everything on 100% and not trip a GFCI, but then 1 minute later when the show is running and it turns everything on instantaneously a GFCI trips, I am all ears. If it was a grounding issue I wouldn't be able to turn everything on and leave it on for 30 minutes. If it is a simple mechanical device, then there should be no difference between the two scenarios where the system is fully loaded. It obviously isn't anymore because your 1992 diagram/description above fails to show the auto self testing electronic mechanism that is running its self test ev
  9. I will...found a site selling large toroids & clamp-ons that you can get multiple turns through. Ham radio operators use these a lot. I was going to fire off an email to tech service and see what their thoughts were. Would help if we knew the RFI range that trips these GFCIs. Then we can design the most efficient choke for that range. Sounds like a science fair project for my kid.
  10. So I got to wondering this am about "how does rectified LED strands effect the GFCIs when plugged in"? While searching the net I came across this article that is the best I have seen in taking the mystery out of the GFCI outlets. It was interesting to see how the US (5-6mA) and European (30mA) standards differ on the allowed current leakage levels and dispels the myth I have heard about 20A GFCIs having a larger leakage limit that 15A. My thought on the rectified current vs AC was that the GFCI only trips when shorted between the HOT wire and ground. Therefore, the GFCI sensing for a fault
  11. I've seen it called a "bubble tree". I like it a lot. Here are two posts that have what you are looking for. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/59944-mini-bubble-tree/&tab=comments#comment-653002 http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/58605-what-is-this/&
  12. I am going to offer an alternative to wood and that is 10mm coro. Strong and super light. Will take a little prep to get the paint to hold well, but I use the plastic adhesion promoter sprays as a base. Try this site. They also are starting to make color posters that you just glue down. http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/print_catalog/All_Christmas The other option is find a design you like on the computer and use a projector to shoot the image on the wood and trace it out. Some of these mini portables they have for sale do a great job for this type of work. My wife uses one
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