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  1. Very nice display again this year Big J! moving this summer to TN, so last year for lights on our house in NC. Because of that, I have not made any additions this year...not looking forward to redesigning everything
  2. how are you running the RGB mega tree? what type of controller? I had an issue when I went from S3 to S4, my internet port quit working to connect to my RGB network switch. Can you ping the RGB controller from the computer? Also, check your network settings in the new S5. My guess is you are missing the network for the RGBs in the new S5. as for nothing working...ensure the LOR Control Panel is loaded (the little blue/red light bulb). It has to be off to get the hardware utility to work, but re-enable your show after you are done.
  3. Excellent idea! They can break down easy for storage and wont short out strands when wet like wire frames...who wouldn't like less GFCI trips?
  4. The little C7 flicker bulbs don't do well in cold weather and are usually packaged as indoor use only. They just cant get warm enough to flicker in the cold. I have DIY posts along the road that I use them in and are fine for warm evenings in NC. An option for a flicker is to use LOR and a normal bulb. I use orange or yellow in the pumkins. Then run a repeating program to create a candle flicker. We do this for Halloween for all our blowmold pumpkins in the yard and it looks incredible. We have well over 20 pumpkins and started by spliting 8 of the LOR outputs to multiple pumpkins. As long as two pumpkins aren't next to each other from the same output no one can tell. I just built 1 line of candle flickering about 20 seconds long, repeating and then adjust the start time for other lines to create the random looking effect. LOR will allow you to simply adjust the intensity of the channels if it ends up too bright so you don't have to go back and reprogram it all.
  5. fantastic! Can you provide the details on the fire, sparks and stage lights you are using?
  6. It is a PC link that has been commented on daily for over a week so not sure why you can't open it.....working fine for me. Try this link to the craigslist ad I was referencing. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/for/d/blowmolds-for-sale-blow-molds/6443988204.html
  7. that guy in Minn has a bunch in that $15k lot he is selling. They will show up.
  8. While taking down the Santa Sleigh and reindeer....saw the GFP stamp....sad! also got me thinking...we have all this Coro stuff for RGBs, but there are no blowmolds designed to fit the pixels. I have gutted previous blowmolds to convert them over to RGBs.
  9. We did a pretty good one a few years back...My dad sent a deercam so we could find out whose cat was crapping in our yard every night. After the great phantom Fox Crapper was solved, the boy got a great idea to set up the deercam in the house to catch Santa on Christmas Eve. We had the deer cam snap a photo of the fireplace (make sure you set the clock appropriately on the cam and on the wall ) Kids are more perceptive than you think. Luckily I caught that mistake during production. Download the photo off the SD card, then go online, I think they have apps now too, and put Santa into your photo. Of course I had to mess with it to change it all to black and white and a little fuzzy to match the deer cam quality, then copy the photo back onto the deercam SD card. We also threw a bunch of photos in there with the elf on the shelf moving around. Needless to say....the kids were ecstatic to pull the card and get a pic of Santa and the elf messing around. It took a good hour to get it all done. The next year, they wanted to do it again so we did just a pic of the elf on the shelf really up close...you could just make out half the face...and when they woke up the deercam was off. Guess that sneaky elf caught wind of their shenanigans.
  10. Very nice...I would like see the specs on the tree too....how hard is it to program those snowflakes?
  11. I purchased cyber link powerdirector software this year to get my singing pumpkins "synch'do" up and it worked very well. It isn't free, but I don't remember paying over $40 for it and downloading it. The only negative thing I found online was it is a memory hog when running, but I haven't had any issues on a 5 yr old desktop. I am using it for christmas to incorporate my virtual Santas projection on top of the songs and to chop up movies...i.e. Hot chocolate clip out of polar express.
  12. Just leave those lights plugged in all day....sooner than later the squirrels/rabbits will be gone.
  13. Audacity it is...You have to make sure you export it in the right format and at 128 bit/rate or S3 has trouble with it and programming will have you pulling your hair out!
  14. I would look at the lumens output by the halogens to compare the brightness, as far as the width of the beam I felt they were the same as my old 40 watt floods.
  15. These are what I am using... http://www.lowes.com/pd_23351-43921-MPL1002-LED4K840_0__?productId=50011796&Ntt=holiday+living+led&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dholiday%2Bliving%2Bled%26page%3D2&facetInfo=
  16. I purchased one last year for our 2 car garage door. I asked if he could do the Santas reindeer barn with out Santa (can only have one in your display) and was told sure....got it quickly and it is impressive. Heavy duty. Only issue is my door is oversized so I had to make longer straps to secure the bottom. I am using two of those LED floods to illuminate it with the light show. I think it is worth the cost.
  17. Lowes has the LED outdoor floods in the holiday section for about $10. Walgreens carried them last year and I really liked em and had no problems dimming them on my LOR system. After christmas I couldn't find them anymore. When I saw them this year at Lowes I snatched them up and am swapping out all my halloween and christmas floods to these. The are under the Lowes Holiday Living brand. 200 lumens, 2.5 watts, 4000K.
  18. Although internally both are the same gauge wire, the same can't be said about the wire's external insulation. Similarly you can get 18 gauge wiring for 12v landscape lights that is labeled "low voltage only" and I wouldn't use it for christmas lights or extension cords.
  19. Jg...spot on with avoiding galvanized and the fumes it creates....but none of the stuff I have found is galvanized. The best are the inverted U shaped ones that use the thin slip over plastic signs. Straighten the two 90 degree bends out and you get 88" lengths.
  20. I use a lot of fishing line too. 15-20 lb has never failed me. I have 15 snowflakes that hang all over the front of our 2 story house and I use it to hang em and keep em from spinning.
  21. If it is AC power then it doesn't matter with normal incandescents. However, with LEDs it may depending how they are wired. What are "LEDs from Paul"?
  22. Ordered a few months back....very happy with everything! I'll be back for more!
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