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  1. Ordered a few months back....very happy with everything! I'll be back for more!
  2. That is what I would try...I can splice/shorten/lengthen/convert incandescent strings over to 12v no problem, but haven't cut into any LED Strings yet. I did splice and run 140' of led rope light over my deck, but that stuff is pretty simple.
  3. Definitely test em before doing a permanent solder. LEDs can only be hooked up one way as opposed to incandescents.
  4. Gopackgo.....from one packers fan to another! I use a lot of hot glue. As I mentioned above, I 3m spray glue two sheets sandwiched together with the grains going opposite direction to make them stronger. The best solution I have for mounting them is to glue the back of the cutout to a piece of PVC pipe (1 1/2"), use the u shaped hanging brackets to help hold too. Then pound a wood stake in the ground that fits inside the PVC, the cheap bundles sold at lowes. Now just run a screw in the back through the PVC and into the wood to keep it from turning. I mount my LOR controllers in pairs
  5. Sorry, by sealer I meant the Kilz sealer/primer on the bare wood. I did all my originals with 3/8" plywood trying to keep em light (6' hanging Santa from gutter, snoopy on the mailbox, etc.) I agree 1/2 or 5/8 will hold up better and would be best for ground items, but I needed lighter stuff for the roof and hanging form gutters. I looked back at my post on the coro as well...$12 a sheet from Grimco.
  6. I saw this and am doing it this year for my gutters. It is the vinyl siding J Channel. The channel slips right over the top of gutter and all the slots make it easy for zip ties, or in your case, you could zip tie or hot glue the c7 or c9s to it. Post season you just fold up the lengths of j channel. As for brick.....I don't know of anything there, but I do use a lot of the 3m command hooks and Velcro strips around the house. http://www.lowes.com/pd_6550-46086-329063_0__?productId=3037104&Ntt=j+channel&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dj%2Bchannel&facetInfo=
  7. I had plywood in the past, but it never fails, no matter how much sealer or clear coats, moisture always gets in and warps them. Even during storage in my attic I pull them out every year with another new curve. I purchased and am switching all mine over to the coroboard (plastic cardboard). A local sign shop ordered it up for me as the company only sells wholesale, but he sold it to me at cost for $18 per 4x8' sheet. Call your local sign shops and see what they can do. It is pretty flexible so i am actually doubling mine up and using 3m spray adhesive to sandwich them together. Use a pla
  8. It is hard to find thick wire for welding your own custom wireframes. So what I do is collect all those election signs after every election! Just finished my 7' Holdman star using them. Most of them are about 5/32" diameter.
  9. I run my lights up and down the branches, not wrapping around them. I also use zip ties to secure them along the way. I think they look like fountains this way. You can put them up very quickly and they come down even faster by simply clipping the zip ties.
  10. Lowes and Home Deopot cary it and it is by the plexiglass and cut glass section. However, you will pay a lot for it and they don't carry anything bigger than 24"x36". I contacted Grimco (www.grimco.com) this year. They won't sell it to you directly as they are only a wholesaler, but they did give me the number of a local sign shop just around the corner from my house. I called him and he ordered all the 4'x8' sheets I wanted. In the end he charged me wholesale and I paid $12 a sheet.
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