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  1. We did a pretty good one a few years back...My dad sent a deercam so we could find out whose cat was crapping in our yard every night.  After the great phantom Fox Crapper was solved,  the boy got a great idea to set up the deercam in the house to catch Santa on Christmas Eve. 

    We had the deer cam snap a photo of the fireplace (make sure you set the clock appropriately on the cam and on the wall  :huh:)  Kids are more perceptive than you think.  Luckily I caught that mistake during production.  Download the photo off the SD card, then go online, I think they have apps now too, and put Santa into your photo.  Of course I had to mess with it to change it all to black and white and a little fuzzy to match the deer cam quality, then copy the photo back onto the deercam SD card.  We also threw a bunch of photos in there with the elf on the shelf moving around.  Needless to say....the kids were ecstatic to pull the card and get a pic of Santa and the elf messing around.  It took a good hour to get it all done.

    The next year, they wanted to do it again so we did just a pic of the elf on the shelf really up close...you could just make out half the face...and when they woke up the deercam was off.  Guess that sneaky elf caught wind of their shenanigans. 

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