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  1. Would anyone know how to contact Dave Horting of West haven Light-Utah's Northern Lights. He has some nice brackets for arches I am thinking about getting. Only problem is he has no email link on his web site. Thanks
  2. You guys have had some great jigs for making arches. Here is what I came up with. I use my variable speed drill clamped to my bench with a vise. I use 3/4 conduit 10'. A hole bit made for drilling the hole for a door tongue fits great in the flared end of the pipe. Or use a 13/16 paddle bit in a normal size end. Since I lack a helping hand I used our old sewing machine foot pedal to operate the drill. If you don't have one I am sure you can find a sewing machine repair shop around. They probably have a bunch of old ones laying around. I'm using 8 channels per arch. I run wire lenghts along the pipe first and terminate at the end of each channel. I want all females extend out the one end of the pipe and all males extend past the other end of the pipe. Then I am going to run my arches end to end.
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