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    The Birth of Jesus
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    Centreville, Virginia, USA
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    Love Christmas decorations
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    I married my wonderful wife in 1985. After living in numerous apartments for 13 years, we finally bought our first house in Centreville, VA. in 1998. The house is on a corner lot, with a large yard - perfect for putting up Christmas decorations! I always wanted to decorate my yard with Christmas decorations , and I purchased my first outdoor decorations that year. I purchased a life sized blow mold manger scene and a few light strings for around the roof line. It looked nice, but I wanted to take my love of Christmas decorating to a new level. Every year I added to the display and now have around 25,000 LED lights with countless lit up figures, animated scenes, and a set of light up blow mold soldiers which stand at attention all along the perimeter of my yard.

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  1. Memorial Day weekend - No will be at the NASCAR race in Charolette NC How about the May 21st Mark Ritter
  2. Al and Esther Thompson from Richmond want to come to if it is ok?
  3. Can I still come. just found out about it yesterday. Also I have some extra blowmolds that I want to sell. Anyone interested in them let me know and I will load up the van and bring them down. About 15 different types of santa's. Mark
  4. We have a gentleman in Northern Virginia that uses his roof. From what I can tell he drills screws right into the roof. Here are some pictures of his house. http://www.fairfaxchristmaslights.com/tcl2.php?rate=1&xid=1010 Mark
  5. I also use these stakes to tie down my trees and my arch. They are great because they have holes predrilled in them to run the guy wire through them. Mark
  6. If you fly how are you getting it home? You renting your own plane? LOL Mark
  7. What day you going to go. Maybe I'll meet you there. I am going to make a trip this year. Mark
  8. Would you know, like I know, that 40 cords only cost $11.99 in shipping? Mark LOL
  9. just ordered 40 for myself and it was only around 12.00 shipping for all of them. Mark
  10. Looks good Dave! Now I feel like I am even further behind this year. Mark
  11. Don't tell the other blow mold collectors on here, but I drill 2 holes in the bottom and put in 12 inch spikes into the ground. They don't move and no one can slide them up off of the rebar like they did the one year I had them tied down with rebar.
  12. Great finds Shawn! Just let me know what you want to sell me for $4 a piece and you would double your money. Mark
  13. Thanks for the kind words from you and all the other PC'ers. Just trying to keep up with all the other wonderful displays from my fellow Planet Christmas members. Mark
  14. Please don't let my wife here you say that. She is already telling me that I have to much stuff in the yard. I keep telling that you can't have bare spots or the grass will grow to long and we don't want our grass to look like no one is cutting it. So put more decorations out to keep the grass down. LOL And no, she doesn't really buy that excuse or any of the other ones that I tell her when a new box shows up at our door. Thank goodness she love me alot or I would be dead for sure. Mark
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