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  1. Last year the LED Rope light was $25.00 for 25 feet. I will be buy it this year if that is the price. Mark
  2. Please delete this I hit the wrong button to post.
  3. http://www.christmasplace.com/shopping/product_detail.cfm/27450
  4. http://www.christmasplace.com/shopping/product_detail.cfm/27450
  5. Sears has some lights and blow up at 90 % off online. Mark
  6. Amazon.com has Bethlehem Lighting Indoor/Outdoor C7 LED Faceted Cone 25-Light Set at 60% of for $7.20 each. Ordered 50 boxes each of the blue, green and clear. Plus free shipping. http://www.amazon.com/Bethlehem-Lighting-Outdoor-Faceted-25-Light/dp/B000F52U5I/sr=11-1/qid=1166470404/ref=sr_11_1/102-5564005-3704145 Not sure if anyone else is interested. Mark
  7. I got some green LED at Home Depot last night. Mark
  8. I just upgraded my service to a 400 amps and I am having 15- 15 amp decicated plugs added to the ones that I already have outside. 5 are in the garage and 10 will be on our new 2 room addition. Also adding more house, so I have more places to put light.
  9. Thanks for the KILLAWATT info. Just ordered myself one for $19.25 from the following web site. http://www.supermediastore.com/kilwateldet1.html
  10. In the old forum you could mark a topic as read an it would not show up unless someone posted something new in the topic. Is this no longer available? Mark Ritter
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