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  1. So sorry to hear about this. I too, hope you'll come back next year bigger and better. As for your deductible. You can reduce that by paying a little extra in premiums. I live in Texas too, and Texas has nothing to do with it. We had to replace $5,000 in flooring due to an over run bath tub. I was dismayed to find that my deductible was $2500. Come to find out, for about $50 more per year, I could reduce it to $500. Call your insurance back and see about reducing your deductible. It won't help now, but will later if something else happens. Best wishes, Mark
  2. Darryl is great! I have ordered from him three years in a row now and his products are excellent as is his service.
  3. Try the corkscrew dog tie stakes.
  4. Very nice! How about more info on that frame? Got any pics?
  5. FYI, I tested combo clips with the Target/Phillips LED minis and none of them fit due to the little latch on the light that holds the bulb in place. The clip will not slip over the light. I have since looked at LEDs at Lowe's, HD and Hobby Lobby and found them to have the same latch system.
  6. Our Lowe's was at 20% off all Halloween, not much left.
  7. Got the major roof stuff done this weekend. Great weather here in Central Texas for hanging lights this weekend!
  8. If $3.29 bothers you then don't go to Garden Ridge where they're $5.99, LOL.
  9. Get yourself a set of cheap rabbit ears at Big Lots or Lowes. I've used those the last 2 years with my Ramsey and I get a block away with the antenna behind the garage door.
  10. My plan is to use this pattern for the lights but not cut out snowflakes. I will use a square piece of black coro. I plan to attach this to wood on two sides and place them on my roof. These should blend into the roof fairly well during the day and be invisible at night until they light up. I think this will solve the problem of them being too flimsy with the lights attached. I may put sandbags on the "runners" to keep them from blowing. My inspiration for this are the "nite light" patterns sold by Windfield. I'm going to do the same thing with their poinsetta nite light pattern.
  11. Thanks Sniggle! That's what I was looking for. Dale, the view new content only shows new threads since your last visit. I use that as well but couldn't figure out how to look at the newest unread posting within a thread. I don't read this forum by category. I click view new content and scan from there.
  12. I have looked through the forum and haven't seen this addressed. Is anyone else missing this feature within threads?
  13. Why not try rope light like Walter and Jackie Monkhouse use? Check out their videos, the big trees are lit with rope light running up and down the trees, not around them. They look terrific. http://vimeo.com/18749087
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