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  1. I can think of another issue. If they are full wave (mine weren't), then each successive rectifier will reduce the voltage by about 1.4V. Try to do 48 end-to-end with a 1.4V drop on each strand. The last strand would be getting 53V.
  2. The best/proper way is with an oscilloscope, but if you don't have one and are electronics savvy, you could make a simple apparatus to test this specific condition: A single C7/C9 with a diode wired into series with it should make an adequate test. If it only lights when plugged in one direction, then it is DC. If it lights both ways (albeit a little dimmer), then it is AC. If you are not sure what I just said, then don't try it.
  3. Regarding "does it matter": Yes, it does... For those trying to plug in the 2008 CDI stings into the S-2133 sets it matters because the 2008 CDI strings use a voltage ladder design (doubler/tripler depending on color) instead of a pure rectifier. The voltage ladder design requires AC to function (pulsed DC will not work). Additionally... maybe we would know better here on PC, but these lights didn't just go to PC members. There are things other than lights that might get plugged into the end of these strands. Not everything is as graceful as a light bulb when it sees DC pulses instead of an AC sine wave. Whenever someone sees an AC receptacle, it is expected that AC devices can plug into it. Strands which violate this rule should be recalled because this is a huge safety issue. More additionally... without taking apart a rectifier blob I can't say for certain what the current rating of the rectifier diodes are. Given that this is a simple LED strand and it probably was not the design intention to have rectified DC on an AC plug (maybe it was though... I've seen crazier things come from China), I imagine that not more than 1A diodes were used. Fused at 2A, you could push the initial rectifier way over its current rating.
  4. Someone will need to check the tags on previous years or contact Holiday Creations to double check me on this, but if I remember correctly JinJiang is the China contractor that makes the sets for Holiday Creations. I know my E305455 sets came in bags with valid Holiday Creations paperwork, 3 year guarantee, are of very high quality, and look/behave exactly like Holiday Creations sets. The S-2133 sets on the other hand... I'm glad some of y'all have them working, but given the experience here, I believe you are in the minority. Personally, I found them unsafe and they were not what I ordered (I was very specific with Travis when I ordered that only Holiday Creations LEDs would be acceptable). Fortunately, Travis is refunding my order appropriately, so I'm not going to write the vendor off entirely.
  5. The shipper ID (6 digits following the 1Z) from the tracking labels says that my lights came from two places. 3 of the boxes (with the bad product) came from Seasonal Impressions. One box (with the good product) came from Reinders. So, in my case, part of my order was actually filled by Reinders. Someone mentioned the end-to-end issue with these and 2008 CDI strings to me on the Aurora forum. Having knowledge of the voltage ladder design of the 08 CDI strands (I went through that too), the most obvious answer was DC coming out of the female end. It took all of 30 seconds to confirm my hypothesis.
  6. To clear up confusion, a proper Holiday Creations set (the good ones) looks like this: An improper "S-2133" set (with the problems) looks like this: Some people got the good ones, some got the bad. I got a combination of the good and the bad.
  7. The "S" number is the biggest one on the tag, so I refer to it as to identify what type of string I'm referring to... primarily because the S-2133 sets do not have an "E" number at all. The other number on the tag is an "L" number which is not valid. No "E" number equals having no clue who made them, and an improper use of the UL tag. The real Holiday Creations sets do have an "E" number (its on the white tag), but the S-2133 sets do not have any such number. As noted, they also lack the lead warning. The S-2133 sets have QC issues such as exposed raw parts of wires, melted rectifiers, burnt out LEDs, cracked rectifiers, parts exposed through the plastic of rectifiers and bulb bases, and test on my equipment to be a half wave design and, as discovered today, put rectified DC out the female plug instead of AC. The proper Holiday Creations sets do not suffer from any of these issues.
  8. For the record, I just received an email from Travis with return instructions for a full refund. My issues have been acknowledged and Travis is resolving them to my satisfaction.
  9. What I ordered from Travis was Holiday Creations full wave LEDs. What I received was a mixture of some Holiday Creations product and some very unsatisfactory knock offs which have an identification tage of "S-2133". It is the knock off LEDs which are having these issues. Travis' claim is that I could not have received anything but the Holiday Creations product because some of the lengths I ordered (100L and 35L) were not available in anything else. However, what I have here is clearly not the same as the Holiday Creations LEDs that I also have (the S-2133 sets are a far inferior product). All of the numbers on the tags come up invalid with UL for these inferior sets, whereas Holiday Creations has a practice of not forging the UL tags. The discussion here seems to indicate that I am not the only one who received something other than the Holiday Creations LEDs which I ordered.
  10. I just posted this in the other thread and then saw this one which discusses this specific issue. The end-to-end female connector on the S-2133 sets does not output AC! It is outputing half wave 115V DC and 0V AC! The female AC connector is rectified! Since the rectifier was probably only designed for the load of the one string, there are quite a few safety issues with this, so do not plug anything other than a limited number of LED strands into the ends of these. Plug in too much and the rectifier will overheat (with risk of fire). Since the CDI 2008 sets use a voltage ladder design, they require AC to function. The S-2133 sets are not providing AC. Although Travis sold these as Holiday Creations LEDs, I have some Holiday Creations sets here and they most certainly do not look anything like these nor do they function in this manner. The way these are behaving is simply unsafe.
  11. More wilds news... The end-to-end female connector on the S-2133 sets does not output AC! It is outputing half wave 115V DC and 0V AC! The female AC connector is rectified! Since the rectifier was probably only designed for the load of itself [edit: itself=the one string], there are quite a few safety issues with this, so do not plug anything other than a limited number of LED strands into the ends of these. Plug in too much and the rectifier will overheat (with risk of fire).
  12. Yikes! I haven't been following PC in a while (my last login was 168 days ago) so I had no idea such a long thread about this existed! I received my order and also got the check for incorrect count/color/flu email. When I checked those things everything was good. I didn't check anything else at that time. Now, as they are going onto the house, I noticed something didn't look right. I clearly received two very different brands of LEDs in my order. My order came in 4 boxes. 3 of the boxes arrived on one day, and the fourth arrived on another. The three boxes which arrived on the first day all appear to be extremely low quality product (scratched tips, cracked pieces, MELTED rectifiers, burnt out LEDs, and a noticable flicker [more on that flicker in a moment]). Those in the three boxes have the S-2133 tag. The fourth box which arrived on the second day entirely contained very high quality LEDs of a completely different design... and had Holiday Creations (Diogen) papers with them. Some further investigation unraveled some of the details. If you look at the 6 digits following the "1Z" on the UPS tracking number, those digits are the "shipper ID", a unique identifier given to each shipper in the UPS database. Despite the from address being the same, the three boxes from the first arrival all had one shipper ID, but the fourth box had another. A few clicks later I discovered that the 3 boxes (all with the horrible LEDs) were shipped on Seasonal Impressions UPS account. The fourth box (with the correct/proper product) was actually drop shipped from "Reinders" account. Now, back to that flicker I mentioned. I put one of the S-2133 sets on some test equipment and confirmed my suspicions... these are half wave strands (or only half functioning full wave ones), not full wave. The waveform was a simple "hump, gap, hump, gap" chacteristic of half wave rectification instead of the "hump, hump, hump, hump" that would be seen with full wave. Travis says this is impossible since some lengths I ordered were not available in half wave. My scope disagrees. I'm not a happy camper. I went through the whole CDI fiasco last year, so when I ordered this year I specifically asked exactly who was making the LEDs I would be receiving this year. I made it clear that my order was based upon this answer. I was supposed to be getting high quality Holiday Creations (Diogen) LEDs. Clearly, once again, I did NOT get the product I ordered and instead got yet another cheap knockoff. I'm not even sure exactly what I did get... as others have noted, the numbers on the UL tag for the S-2133 sets are not valid. So, instead of putting these onto the house, I had to run out and get a bunch of incandescent minis. I'm not pleased. I've requested a refund.
  13. Paul, First of all, as a customer with over $3000 on the line here, I do not appreciate being told to "take a chill pill"! I'm not attempting to create mass hysteria. On the contrary, I have remained quiet, offered help on strand modifications, and waited patiently through two iterations of sample testing. The time has come for decision making and I am seeking information from as many sources as possible. I, along with others, do not yet have an answer as to whether or not the issues above in this thread were addressed. "All major issues" is rather vague. Have the issues regarding noise that can interfere with other channels been fixed? Have the issues with outdoor reliability been fixed? Exactly what is "major" and what isn't? It seems fair enough to discuss our concerns.
  14. I just sent Paul an email expressing my dissatisfaction with the replacement program. I'm finding it very difficult to justify return shipping charges when it appears that I will still be receiving what is clearly an inferior product.
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