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    23 years old been doing christmas displays for 18 of those years. Just got into lightorama.
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    Cage Fighting
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    Cage Fighter
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    Hopefully its good.

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  1. anyone have any pictures or tell me how you wrap the lights around your spiral tree?
  2. no corrosion in the socket checked also I don't think the bulb is backwards cause if you take the same exact bulb and place it anywhere else on the set other than the 3 sockets they work fine, its just these 3 sockets will not light up a bulb
  3. I have a set of LED C7 lights and 3 bulbs will not work on the set... I've replaced it with new bulbs and still these 3 bulbs will not work in those 3 sockets... does anyone know what could be wrong?
  4. Most of us have said/done things that we shouldn't have, but I honestly doubt any of us have performed rap songs infront of a huge crowd of people talking about killing us troops and their families lol. Lets not forget either this is PROVEN FACTS, Michael Jackson is not guilty of child molestation, if you want to support the guy and his music that is fine, but don't try to make anyone feel guilty for not forgiving him for his stupid performances and beliefs.. for example i don't like snakes, its not like an 8 year span is going to magically make me like them, he only is "sorry" because he knows it will destroy what he has now.
  5. The guy only apologized and said he was sorry because he doesn't wanna lose the money and fame he has now, he isnt sorry at all and needs to just be forgotten.
  6. Yeah but by listening to them thats supporting it and making it widely spread and anyone who has such harsh feelings towards our country and our military does not deserve it, I think most would agree the guy just needs to go away, the song isnt even good or creative, its just a remix, its not like anyone went sequencing pants on the ground, its like people can't tell bad from good anymore.
  7. I have been told to sequence this song and not only do I think my display doesn't fit this style of song, but i refuse to support a rapper who did raps on killing the US military and their families and was involved in many anti-us concerts singing anti-us rap songs.
  8. Heres my lights front of the house is covered in blue lights idk why it doesn't show up in the pic real well. Theyre synchronized but dont have a video yet.
  9. was searching youtube and was wondering if anyone knew if this show was real?
  10. didnt know where to post this... but if anyone has a 16ch lightorama for sale im in desperate need!
  11. It was for store use only to control the box I believe, I used to have one of those you can put a jack in it for hooking up an FM transmitter using that.
  12. I was wondering what everyone thought about this. I ran out of extension cords this year at the last minute and didn't want to spend the time or the money going out and buying them, so i had a LOT of old christmas lights I didn't use and since i wasnt plugging in more than 1 or 2 strands of mini lights i decided to grab some of the old lights take the bulbs out and use them for extension cords... good idea or bad idea? Because if not im thinking about doing this more next year to cut back on extension cords.
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