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  1. I used sansdevices, LSP and GE Nodes, they worked so well, I'm doing a 90% conversion for 2011/12. The key is no long fades. I got a ton of these on Clearence from Lowes.
  2. I'm worried about the state of the forum in general. Ever since the upgrade last year, post numbers seem to be WAY down.... I could be wrong.... email notifications don't seem to work anymore, and it isn't a spam filter issue either. I know the software Chuck purchased is NOT cheep, I just wonder if there are issues, and no support contract to fix them
  3. Anyone else Tapatalk can't log into the forums anymore? Broke around August/September I think... I thought it was a password issue, but that isn't the case.
  4. Only some GECE... 30% gets it to be normal priced, They allowed me to stack the GE $2 coupon's and a 10% off entire purchase card, so it does make them a slight deal... GECE's are very hard to find in sale at all.... NOTHING ELSE LEFT though.... not even a single box of Mini's...
  5. Wow... that looks great! I ripped off the controller and are using a DMX converter for them, so now I have direct control over each LED. But yes, I remember they have a quite a delay otherwise!
  6. Just stopped by Lowes in Oaks, PA (Their larger store in the Philadelphia area), and they have NOTHING, and nothing is on discount either! What gives? I don't think they got much in to begin with though. Good news, Home Depot is carrying the GECE this year. I've had such great success with these this year, I'm going to expand with them next year! All I have on my NEED list are the stakes from these: http://www.geholidaylighting.com/holiday-lighting/led/color-effects/pathway-lights I haven't seen the G-90's yet, but they look cool. HD & Lowes only have the G-35's
  7. Looking for one 50 ct C-5 Blue GE Led's sold at Lowes for the last few years, BUT NOT THIS YEAR! Need one strand! These come in the GREEN Boxes, not the blue box Trade or $ I have a bunch of GE Warm White Iceicles Still in the box!
  8. Jim St John (Creator of the E680 & R681) just sent out a bulk email, saying if you need help with his stugg, either email or use DIYChristmas.org's forums
  9. Honestly, for what were doing, not much difference. My main line of business is IT/Networking (I run the company) so I have a ton of these around, as the ones you use we couldn't on a 10/100 network... Where I have seen those phone couplers go bad is also the crimp between the wires and the pins... I think its the combo of all the cheep metal involved As I tell everyone, there is a right way to do things, and then there is the other guys right way to do things! They all work
  10. all coated board.. no wires Just a quick shot with the phone... I can get a higher detailed shot if you want
  11. I live in those cold areas... had one I forgot about until last week! (I lost it under the mulch!) Looks fine, still works! I do only use ones actually labeled "cat5" though... there are some 8con phone couplers out there (As seen in the video above!), I don't think they are as high quality, but should still work! The reason I don't use them is I'm in a cold and sometimes wet environment... no offense intended, but if I put dmoore's setup up here in Philly, the gfi's would trip in 2 seconds!!
  12. Got my Order yesterday, Everything looks a-o-k! Thanks paul!
  13. I have to agree with JHolmes... it kinda sounds like you want to stay out of DIY, and this is from someone who is a DIY'er!
  14. If your just looking for RGB, then don't look at pixels. Look at strips, or RGB strings. The only problem with the RGB controller that joeengler pointed to (I have a few, use them, love them) is the Amp limit... I think you are limited to only 2A per Ch... what your looking to do sounds like it could draw a lot more, but couldn't even guess without footage and LED type
  15. You do realize that to get a decent number of pixels is going to cost you more then $100, right? You would need an LOR DMX interface, a DMX to Pixel board converter, a power supply for the pixels, & enclosure. Your looking at about $100 for just 75 pixels or so after shipping and everything else. What is your budget? How many pixels are you looking for?
  16. Just got my paid/invoice notice a few hours ago! This man doesn't take a day off! Thanks Paul!
  17. Nice units... but ouch at $149~ each... they do look well worth it!
  18. The Modules that he uses are not true pixels. They are RGB driven from either a DC controller or DMX. How many can you use? Depends on the controller you use. How many per power supply? Depends on the power supply you want to use. Here are the modules: 5050 LED Modules I can tell you, I've built the CoroStars that dmoore sells over at HolidayCoro, with these exact modules, assembling and soldering and heat shrink tubing them, it was work, but I found it rewarding and fun! It doesn't sound like you want a DIY project, but 98% of all RGB is DIY right now. These are not plug and play... They require soldering, heat shrink, low voltage and high voltage wiring knowledge, etc. You have stated you need a plug and play solution for LOR, this is kinda your only option: Cosmic Color Ribbon LOR has announced they are coming out with LED RGB Floods soon, and more RGB stuff, so watch their web site for more information. Everything else requires a lot of testing, tinkering, and most of all, the LOR DMX interface (Expensive!) If you do want to undertake some DIY projects, Send me a message and I can direct you to some sites to get you started (Dmoore's Holiday Coro would be up there on the list!)
  19. I'm not sure what modules you are referring to... could you give us a bit more info? You might be better asking this question on the LOR sections & Boards.
  20. At the moment, there are VERY FEW plug and play RGB solutions. LOR has some of the only Plug and play equipment out there with there CCR...
  21. The PSU steps down the Volts. This is not an "Issue," but rather Law... Ohm's Law. Amps is always directly related to Volts. So 2Amps @ 12v (Dc or AC) will never equal 2Amps @ 120V. It will always be MUCH LOWER (If my math skills at this hour are right... it should be 2A @ 12V = .2A @ 120V)
  22. An Amp is an Amp at a Voltage same with watts. Pull out your killawatt and run the test again. Your LOR is rated at DC amps, Yes
  23. OK... a few things wrong here... Your measuring DC amps @12v... That doesn't = AC Amps @ 120v To get that measurement, you would have to put your meter in line on the AC side to see the true draw... And yes, these strings do draw about as much as you stated @12vdc Just a question, I take it these aren't pixels, but just RGB strings
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