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  1. Walmart used to have ginormous amounts of excess inventory. Mine has none, and neither does my Menards. However, my Target is still fully stocked on almost everything...75% will come at the end of this week/beginning of next!
  2. Mine has been extremely stable. However, my spiral is beginning to unwind, and it doesn't look as perfect as it did over Thanksgiving weekend.
  3. Score! That looks to be a good deal!! Thanks for the heads up. Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Luke Kamp

    Ice 2012

    Getting excited! I will be there if work lets me off.
  5. Very cool Speedyken. I just saw this thread for the first time today. A few years back I built some spiral trees because a, I couldn't justify purchasing overpriced trees and b, I needed smaller ones. I took to upside down tomato cages and produced done 3.5' trees. They used the same concept of ziptying to the vertical parts. Fortunately because they have a hollow inside, they stack nicely for storage. How are you planning to store them, or do they break down easily? Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S
  6. Randy, how many vertical steel cables did you have? and I assume they were just attached to the PVC?
  7. Of course rope light counts! Now if you want to get all technical, LEDs actually don't count because they're technically not "lights" (diodes, rather)...but they still produce light But we still count them.
  8. I currently just leave all my controllers sitting on the ground. However, a few years back I snagged a picture off of a forum where someone mounted their controllers to a piece of wood, then stabilized that with a piece of rebar and PVC. I'll let the picture speak for itself...
  9. A year or two back, my mom went to Walmart and purchased like 6 strands of white teardrop LEDs. We've used them on our indoor tree for a few years...so they've not been exposed to the elements. This year, as we plugged them in, random LEDs are really dim; others are completely off. There's no said pattern -- it's completely random. These are half wave...but it just seems bizarre that random LEDs would just shut off like this! I've included a picture for reference. Anyone have an idea of what is happening? I've never seen this before.
  10. I use the "multipurpose clips" that are sold across a number of chain stores -- I've seen them at HD, Menards, etc. The reason I use them instead of roof clips is because I install lights on roof lines and gutters, so a uniform clip that works on both solves my problem. have C9s, but I'm sure my clips would work with C7s. Here's what they look like: Like I said, they work on both shingles and gutters. Here is how I use them: And finally, I use 12" spacing on my C9s (6" between red and green; 12 inches between like colors) and I feel that it produces a good enough effect.
  11. I use SPT-1 because it is cheaper, and the maximum power input to a LOR channel is ~8 amps, so you shouldn't be putting that much through it anyway. I at most have 5 amps to one channel....you don't really need SPT-2 unless you're doing long runs or static stuff. And you shouldn't be using it for main controller lines unless you're running LEDs. Some people prefer the "protection" factor, I prefer the price....and my setup doesn't really call for it.
  12. I personally have not done it, but I would imagine that all you would do is create your video as normal, but put a circular filter of the entire thing. Take a black image the size of your video, and crop out a circle from the center. Overlay that image over your entire video track, render it and you'll have a circular video.
  13. Nice work! I have had multiple friends post this on my wall in the past few days. You've got a nice display -- and just might be the next Carson Williams!
  14. Here's my 2009; the same as 2010. http://vimeo.com/10299331
  15. I just about called you crazy before I read this! Come to central Indiana...I live here now and would love to see you perform!
  16. Wow, thanks for that story. I feel that way sometimes -- just "killing" the display because I'm sick of it. My motivation lacks quite a bit over the summer, too. It's not until you see (in my case) children's reactions that you know your display made a difference. That one person really does give me motivation.
  17. I have 2 rolls of green rope light for sale. They are both 18' long and have a 1/2" diameter. (So, 36' total) I don't need them this year, so PM me an offer and pay that plus shipping from 46373 (Paypal only, please). You can even choose your desired shipping method . I've attached a few pictures to see what you're buying. One was opened so I could look at it and plug it in...they both work otherwise.
  18. Looks nice! I wanted to do that a few years back at my campground, but it didn't work out logistically. Glad you got it to work!
  19. Luke Kamp

    Ice 2011!

    Looks like you all had fun! I will try to get down there next summer...work and vacation got in the way this year.
  20. I hang mine on gutter clips that extend below the gutter an inch or two...and I don't have any problems. The only issues I encounter is lights flipping up against the angled portions of my eves (no gutter, only fascia).
  21. Nice to see you back! I totally agree -- I've been out for months too. Life DOES get in the way, unfortunately! School has been busy for me, but I hope to get more active this summer as I will have a lot more free time.
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