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    A&P mechanic, Avionics component level tech, home project tinkerer, too many interests, too little time.
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    Computers, electronics, wood working, hot rodding cars, motorcycles, flying
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    Corporate Jet Maintenance Manager
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    Currently icicle lights surrounding the house, front yard display of a large doe, large buck, two fawns, 1000 light christmas tree, large snowman. Yard next to the front door has a 300 light sprial tree with two fawns standing next to it. Hedge on each side of the driveway (each approximately 40 foot in length) covered on each side with 3 strands of 300 light draped mini lights, total of 12 strands of 300 lights each. Next year planning on replacing the mini lights with LED's. Our neighborhood has 6 houses that decorate pretty well but I'm ready to move into the next level of lighting.
  1. Minor point but HLS is Joe Hinkle's.
  2. This evening my wife and I saw a story on ABC news about a five year old boy Nathan Norman who has been battling brain cancer since he was one. Unfortunately at the present time the cancer has becoming agressive and it's spreading rapidly. Here are two links with his story: http://www.wset.com/...it-of-christmas http://www.whsv.com/...-171616241.html I'm sharing this because as you will see in the news reports Christmas makes him feel better. If you would like to send Nathan a Christmas card and your Christmas wishes I'm sure he would love it (ours are going out in tomorrows mail). Send Christmas cards to: Nathan Norman 81 Dunivan Drive Rustburg, VA 24588 Thank you for taking the time to read this. Ed
  3. I contacted my credit card company's (BofA) fraud division and updated them on the problems I've had. They immediately refunded the 2nd half of my charge and after not receiving any response from the vendor refunded the outstanding balance of my deposit. I ordered what I needed from CDI earlier this week and it was shipped the next day (thanks Paul). I've learned my lesson, I'll never deal with Travis again.
  4. There has been no contact from Travis to my many attempts to contact him through the various means . Because of this I have just requested cancellation of the remainder of my order and an immediate refund for the outstanding balance of my good faith deposit.
  5. Tim, I think your belief of "categories" of customers is correct. From the total lack of response it appears that I have been tagged as a category 3 customer in the LED Holiday Lighting World. It's a very poor way to run a business and it will catch up with him. All I had asked for was a status update on my order but apparently that was asking too much.
  6. Hi Tim, thank you for your reply. I have tried both. I've added responses to the same ticket and when there was no response, I started another ticket. Since Travis's last response on Sept 22nd (see post 588 above), I've added responses dated Oct 2nd, 7th, 13th, 18th and 22nd on the original ticket. On October 8th seeing no response to the original ticket, I started another. I've since added a response to that ticket on Oct 18th and 22nd. I've called and left phone messages twice on his Customer Service 1-888-657-6510 number. I'm starting to feel a little like Jacob Marley
  7. I am happy that Travis is able to fill other's orders. I am still waiting for any kind of a response from him. I've left many messages using both his help desk message service and phone call requests. I have heard nothing since September 22nd which follows: (Message) "10 Message by Customer Service on Wed, 22nd Sep 2010 4:42 am Ed - the remainder of your shipment is set to go out later this week with our next batch of shipments. Thank you for your patience. Regards, LED Holiday Lighting Customer Service" I just added another status update request, still waiting........
  8. The last time I got a response from Travis was September 22nd promising that the remainder of my shipment should be shipped out later that week. My shipment was also originally to be delivered in July, then it slipped to August, then right after Labor Day and finally the week of September 22nd and now.... who knows. I've have not received any type of response since Sept 22nd despite many attempts and phone messages. Travis, I give up. If you are watching this thread, I would like to cancel the remainder of my order (still waiting for 3/4 of my original order) and receive a refund on the remaining portion of my deposit.
  9. Bill, Maybe the questions should have been: If you have ordered product from LED Holiday Lighting for the year of 2010, please pick either #1 or #2: 1) I have received everything ordered at the original agreed-upon price 2) I have not received everything ordered at the original agreed-upon price I'll vote on another poll if someone creates it (I don't want to be thought of as just a trouble maker).
  10. Steve, if you made your order in 2010 you can pick either Yes or No.
  11. I just completed the poll (the poll options come up after the first part) so it should be there now.
  12. As suggested by nutz4lights, (this is my first poll, hopefully I do it right) If you have ordered product from LED Holiday Lighting for the year of 2010, please pick either #1 or #2: 1. Received all your product from the company at the originally agreed-upon price, by the agreed upon date 2. Did not receive all your product from the company at the originally agreed-upon price,by the agreed upon date
  13. nutz4lights, I believe you are one of the lucky ones but you make a great point. It's easy to create a poll, all you do is start a new thread, then below the "Your Message" box there is a box "Additional Options". In that box there is a selection for "Post a Poll" . I like your questions but I think that an important part is missing and that involves time. It won't do me or any of the other customers that haven't received their orders yet to receive them too close to or even after Christmas or sometime next year. You yourself mentioned " and received every order on time.... " What do you think of the following questions? 1. Received all your product from the company at the originally agreed-upon price, by the agreed upon date 2. Did not receive all your product from the company at the originally agreed-upon price,by the agreed upon date
  14. I totally agree. It's not the product, it's who you are dealing with. I ordered part of this years light order from that same very trusted source who recently posted here. The communication and updates were A+++, the shipping and delivery of the product was excellent and met all promises. P.S. I will purchase from that trusted source again at next season's pre-sale. I have heard that in business a dis-satisified customer will tell at least 20 others. That was before the day of the internet. Now bad press can easily be spread to 10's and 100's of thousands in a very short period. I am going to do my part by spreading the word to help insure that no one else gets burned by Travis.
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