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  • Birthday 10/27/1957

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    Sacramento, CA
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    A&P mechanic, Avionics component level tech, home project tinkerer, too many interests, too little time.
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    Computers, electronics, wood working, hot rodding cars, motorcycles, flying
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    Corporate Jet Maintenance Manager
  • About my display
    Currently icicle lights surrounding the house, front yard display of a large doe, large buck, two fawns, 1000 light christmas tree, large snowman. Yard next to the front door has a 300 light sprial tree with two fawns standing next to it. Hedge on each side of the driveway (each approximately 40 foot in length) covered on each side with 3 strands of 300 light draped mini lights, total of 12 strands of 300 lights each. Next year planning on replacing the mini lights with LED's. Our neighborhood has 6 houses that decorate pretty well but I'm ready to move into the next level of lighting.

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