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  1. Thanks. I'll do some searching, at least i've got some direction to move in. I just can't beleive the lights wouldn't have memory, or at least memory that seems to last longer than a few minutes.
  2. I have several sets of multi-function lights. I bought them last year and i'm just using them for the first time. Here is the problem: I set the lights on setting 4, they work all though the night. Even if i set it on 4, then unplug the light for a minute, then replug it, it keeps the setting. The problem seems to be when the lights are turned off by the timer. I tried setting my timer to come on for just 15 minutes twice during the day thinking maybe the lights only had a 6 hour memory or something. But still no luck. I don't know for sure who made the lights because i trashed the box last year. i think they are GE or Sylvania. They are higher quality lights and have the screw ends so that you can connect several set together with just one controller. The funny thing is the Home Depot multi-functions that i bought were cheaper and they are working just fine. Any help is appreciated. I already hung them from the gutters, so i'm hoping to get things working ASAP.
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