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    i have been doing christmas for 5 yrs
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  1. Hi Terry, The only web site I have is www.blowmoldsrus.webs.com. Some of my display is featured on there. Do you have a web site of your display?

  2. oh i see thats cool just wondering about that, it looked like i was going to the Army National Guard but never called me up, Temple Texas i was born in Humble Texas

  3. Im going to a chaplain conference in september 10-12 in Killeen Texas . Im a chaplain in chaplain fellowship ministries but i was in the Missouri army national guard . the ministrie is in Temple Texas. Im a master chaplain and the chef chaplain in Missouri GOD BLESS YOU

  4. thats cool, what branch of the miltary??

  5. hi paul can you call me 573-339-7882

  6. hi. from cape gir.

  7. hi. thomas what is your website? i have about 100 blow mold display

  8. terry wildman


    just wanted to say we had a wonderful time at the slam today,really enjoyed meeting everyone especially a fellow santa (mike) we want to get all of you guys addresses that have displays that we can come and see during the holidays they sound fantastic, mira,chuck,bob and sheila thank you all for taking the time and effort that you took putting this together and such a wonderful,peaceful,relaxing place to put it on.if any of you are ever in cape girardeau let us know we would love to see you,and chuck i forgot my mega tree can you ship that to cape for me? Terry and Rhonda Wildman
  9. i live in cape girardeau mo. i would like to come if it ok
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