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    Just an old hippie who enjoys the same holidays that made life special as a kid, and wants to pass on the joy and meaning of them to the next generation
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    Into Christmass, Halloween, haunting, prop making, Scout master
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    warehouse manager
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    Mostly lighting and some blow molds
  1. Vlad

    8 For $15

    Thanks FP, judging by your avatar pic you've been plenty lucky lol
  2. Those can't be real Polar bears, they're not holding CocaCola bottles, lol.
  3. The Irishman in me says very nice.
  4. Very cool, thank you Mel.
  5. Vlad

    I Was On Tv!

    lol, congrats. Which was better, being on TV or getting the blowmolds????
  6. Vlad

    8 For $15

    Mel...... Thank you, excellent ID tips for the choir kids. Yes the girl has the mount for the lights on the side as well. I was aware that the dates of course only indicated when the molds were made, but included the info just in case anyone chimed in with more detail. Which you did and I thank you very much, lol. Brad... Noooooooooooooo lol. I like them all too much. To me the fun of collecting them in the wild (garage sales etc.) makes them more special than an Ebay buy and I couldn't part with them. I went out in one of our crazy NJ storms to get these. Rain. sleet, snow, bad roads. Gotta love being a blowmold fanatic lol. DD, BigBallo, Elaine, Scotty...... Yes, I also love that Santa. Very nice detail, I was lucky to get him. Peppers.... Thanks, it's nice to once in awhile get to them before they're all gone, lol. Ken
  7. Vlad

    8 For $15

    Hi all, just thought I'd share. Got these today. The soldiers are Union plastic injected and not true blow molds but I snuck them in the pics anyway, lol. Two Dapol candles, damaged but I'll repair them, Empire snowman 1971, and Dapol Santa 1973. The two choir kids I'm assuming are Empire. Ken
  8. Welcome back everyone. I was getting blowmold withdrawal symptoms lol. Anyone get anything new???????
  9. Carrie thank you for all your hard work as a mod here, as a mod myself elsewhere I know how many countless hours you've put in for all of us. Ken
  10. Hi Doug, Very heart warming. Keep up the good work, Ken.
  11. Welcome to the forum King, your display looks great.
  12. My deepest sympathies to you and your whole family.
  13. Vlad

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all !!
  14. Vlad

    Bad news

    Good deal, glad to hear it.
  15. I got an Empire pumpkin lol
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