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    Sadly I am decommissioning and trying to get rid of the last of it. I just do not have the time to commit to a display like I used to.

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  1. Jstein     will buy the 16 channel pixel controller for  $ 125 .00    will pay by pay pal  what would it cost to ship to Canada my postal code is B1P6R4  WILL pay the shipping  let me know my email is [email protected] 

  2. I am not totally opposed to taking offers as long as they seem reasonable, but like I said, this is practically brand new still and is a great addition to anyone's Halloween display!
  3. So far it's still up for grabs!
  4. Sounds great, just let me know. I thought I attached a picture, but I guess I forgot so here is a photo of the skull. John
  5. I am selling my SkullTroniX Skull and the Exorcist that I bought with it. I have the software and I have two sequences that came with it that I will send along with it (Ghostly Host and Seance). I also have the LED light that came with it that I will include. Brand new all of this was close to $2000 and I will sell it for $1200. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything and it is all in great condition. Thanks!
  6. I am selling my Galaxia Controller with 4 strings and extensions for them. I just do not have time to do the sequencing and set up for this. I purchased this with the intention of using it to its fullest extent, I just do not have the time. It's an excellent product and can give you a little help if you need it. I am looking to get about $600 for it but will accept offers that you might give me. Thanks!
  7. Swung by today, mine had nothing at all! Although Valentines is 50% off already.
  8. This is certainly interesting, and good point, how long would the tank last?
  9. jstein

    Houston displays

    which part of houston are you looking for?
  10. hmm im a LOR user and unfortunately I haven't studied AL much...guess I ought to one day. Although I may nt use AL, it is always good to know different things to help others out.
  11. You can import the sequences, make changes, even use their software to run the show, or you can simply convert it back to its original format with the changes you have made, but you will loose Wii functionality if you do that. You must run LSP for interactive items like the Wii. Check out their forums and ask questions away! Someone will always chime in or they check the forums pretty often too and have made several updates and included MANY new features since it was first released.
  12. Download it and see for yourself how you like it! It has many great features that have made programming easier!
  13. :giggle:silly me I should have known it was really as simple as it seemed.
  14. wow so unless I'm missing something its kinds difficult to find the B1118 banner. I think this is a trick by them.
  15. I got mine when I was must have been 14, BUT no texting and very limited minutes. Honestly I never used it much. I would say when someone starts driving would be a good time to get a phone, but it's up to everyones own opinions of course!
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