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  1. Just make a hook and use a pole to lift the string up to the the top of the mega tree. This is what I do. The hook snags the top of the tree then I walk around and around.
  2. Will check this out. Is there place to get on the train near where the Mini will be held? Sorry for the dumb questions but only ever been to NYC and I just drove right in and payed out the rear for parking.
  3. Thank you so much! How close are you to downtown Chicago? Don't worry about the shirts. Since I am due to arrive home Sept 2nd I will be cutting it really close. So please do not spend money on shirts. Really excited to come up and say hello. I just hope we don't have to delay on the way home. Edit: Also any good hotels? Wife would like to go downtown to a few Museums that weekend. I'm finding that $150 is average for a night stay.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Jason and I was thinking of coming up to the Mini on Labor Day weekend. I have one problem though. I am military and in Iraq right now as we speak. I can not visit the website http://chicagolandregionalmini-plus....t/view/132/70/ from here due to the military for some reason blocking it. How much is it to attend? The other problem I have is I live in Little Rock AR and I am due back right before that weekend. It is a 10hr drive. If I pay and I do not get back to the states in time can I get a refund? I might have just enough time when I land at Little Rock to sleep and start my way to Chicago. It is only going to be me and maybe my wife. Can I pay when I get there? Thanks Jason
  5. You can prob use the films they use in Par cans. I know those get hot and there fine.
  6. What up Ritchie. Can you guess where I am. NCOIC of CTK in Balad! Good news is that I will be home for Christmas. Trying to add 32 more Ch this year to make it 160. Talk to you later Jason
  7. I know this is old but I'm in Cabot AR. I will have lights up this year also. 160 CH
  8. Ran across this on You Tube. Off to the right you can Download the Video.
  9. Man those look really bright. Not a bad price! Thanks for the link.
  10. Do you have any strobes? In need of more of those this year. Jason
  11. Watching your videos are these the slow flash rate strobes. 1-2 times a second?
  12. Pm sent if there are any left.
  13. Here is video of my traffic. http://www.youtube.com/user/midnight302#p/a/u/0/wFvdWpCfk8A Thank you KeninTN for posting what you did. You sound exactly like my house. I would get so mad at the cars that would fly around the others honking there horns. One truck did it 3 nights in a row so the 3rd night I sat in the truck and chased after him. When I pulled up to his house he went off. Luckly I calmed him down and he then said sorry. NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DO LOL. Almost got in a fist fight over it. Now I just let them fly by and I wave:giggle:. Knowing this pisses them off even more. The city cops came out the first week because some one called them and started to threat to write tickets to cars that were stopped. I told a neighbor about it and WOW he went crazy. Called the mayor and everyone below him about it. Never had that problem again. I don't know what that old man said but I thank him. The fire department would stop by every other night and watch. One night I was waving this truck to not stop on the no no side of the street. He would not move so I walked over and it was a fire truck. When I walked up to the window I was laughing saying that they can not park on that side in case the fire department need to get through. He said all emergency services were aware and not to worry about the traffic. It was crazy the first year. Am i going to do it again? Heck ya!!!! I had people crying, laughing, and dancing to the lights. Loved the feeling of making so many happy. Jason
  14. Man I wish I could afford LED's but starting to think they may be good for things like roof outlines and bushes. Building a mega with LEDs would cost me over $700 just in lights.
  15. Welcome to PC! I do not care how small a display I see I always get a smile on my face when I see even one bulb. There is a house down the street from me and they put a red, blue and Green bulb in there lamp post in the yard during Christmas. I like it because they have shared the same passion as me and that is decorating for the season. Taking time out of there busy days to get up there and change 3 bulbs says alot about a person.
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