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  1. Don't worry, he'll be back again some day.
  2. Can we see some of the actual footage shot by these cameras?
  3. I can so see myself doing something like that if I wasn't able to get my lights to work.
  4. Here's some video... http://vimeo.com/2433809
  5. I'd like to devote a 16 channel controller for my minitrees. That leaves me with a few options. 1) Have 8 minitrees, all of them have a red and green channel 2) Have 4 minitrees, all of them have red, green, white and blue channels. 3) Have 5 minitrees, all of them have red, green and another color leaving one channel open for another display or something. I'm leaning towards #3.
  6. Thank you, thank you. I'm actually right around the corner from gsxr7500. We're in Port Jeff Station, right on the other side of Old Town.
  7. Christmas 2009 looks to be my first year with a computerized display. I can't wait. Before I invest in a system, I need some advice as to what to use. FYI, I am a DJ and am familiar with DMX and I have DMX fixtures. I was originally going to go with Vixen with a new dmx/usb box since my current one is not supported. This meant that I would need to purchase a few more dmx dimmer packs since I only have 1. Recently, I've been looking at using a LOR unit with either their software or Vixen. Any suggestions? I would also probably choose the PC units for LOR too. Any suggestions there?
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