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    I am just getting started in Christmas displays... Been watching from the outside for a long time. Time to jump in!!! I am married 3 daughters and 11 grandkids. Love seeing the kids smile
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    Wide and varied....Scuba diving, flying, compete in radio controlled scale aerobatics, motorcycles,
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    Power generation shift supervisor
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    This will be our third year using computer control. The display has grown from 13,000 lights on about 60 channels in 2008 to 72,000 lights on 320 channels for 2010. The centerpiece for hte display is now a 27 foot mega tree with a total of 38,000 lights on 128 channels. The tree is has 12,000 lights each of red, white, and green- along with 5 light rings, strobes, and a 3 channel star.
  1. Paul, Do you know what chip is used in the rgb pixels? Thanks
  2. We have our reservations at the Hampton...see everyone there
  3. Hey LOR-CF...I did not say J-ville is central Fl. I said J-vill could be an option...I would also like to see in O town. Lot closer for me.
  4. And what happened to Chuck Smith's recommendation of Crawl then Walk then Run???......13 k lights in 08 on 64 channels....54 k in 09....72 k on 336 channels in 10....think i forgot to walk first. Just keep growing and having fun!
  5. I like the new layout Paul. I would agree that an enlarged photo on hovering would be a good addition to the site. Overall very clean, neat, and easy to navigate. Oh yes...I would like to say thanks again for being there for all of us.
  6. OK on this one I'm not even close to an expert. I am starting to get my brain wrapped around the RGB thing a little bit tho. Watching Davids videos and reading and asking questions on the aussie Christmas forum I believe that one of the main differences you might find is the chip designation. I havn't seen much on being able to control the 3005 chip lights. The 2801 chip lights are 8 bit and there is a lot of information on controlling them. As far as UV goes...with the investment you are going to make in RGB then any UV protection that will extend the life would be worth the small charge for
  7. Size of your topper is a personal choice on what you think looks good. A 21 inch 8 point star might be a little tight for viewing. A 5 point would open up the star some and be better viewing...just an opinion.
  8. I use the lightclipstrip and the wire and light clips. They work great to keep the lights hanging correctly. I also use their clips on our wire frames that i make.
  9. There are a number of combinations you can use. I tye-wrap RGW together to make a superstrand. The only thing I have found, as far as the hooks go, is that having multiple superstrands on one hook you need to keep them in some kind of order so they don't get wrapped up together when you raise the lights (masking tape and a marker works well for numbering your strands and keeping them in order). You will have a large number of lights in a small area at your hook head, and as long as they are somewhat in order and not tangled the small difference can't be seen. When it comes to spacing, that is
  10. Hey Paul, Just want to let you know that we all appreciate the time and effort you all put in to make the pre sale available to us and make it work so well. THANK YOU!!!
  11. If you don't get through leave him a voice mail and he will return your call. I got through and Leigh said it has been crazy today..even the fax.
  12. Does anyone in the wireframe community know of a supplier for LED interchangeable lights? I used the lights from Larry at Holiday Lights and they were great...The problem is that his supplier in China has disappeared.
  13. David, Just want to say these videos and the questions and answers that are generated from them are creating an amazing learning experience for those of us just getting into RGB. Thanks so much for doing them.
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