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  1. Thanks for the kind words Greg. I'm sure legally we're not at fault... But I still think it's a gray area. Let's assume for a second, that I am, shall we say, a very attractive woman. If I go out to a busy street corner and lift up my shirt as cars go by and it distracts someone and there is an accident, I think I'd feel responsible. Where is the legal difference betwee "that" shiny distraction and our lights? More than that, we don't want our lights to be anything but a gift to the community. If folks get hurt or need to come up with $$ to fix a car, then our mission may need rethinki
  2. Just happened again. Everyone is okay but this one caused a lot more car damage. *sigh*
  3. Anyone got a tip on the control valves used for this? Can't find 'em anywhere. Thanks in advance. - Phil
  4. We lucked out and found an HD at 75% yesterday afternoon. It was a day early according to the signage which listed the sale dates as 1/1 to 1/26, but a price check showed the discount. We picked up 64 boxes of 100 ct clear minis at $0.57 a box. We had gotten 50 at a walmart the day before for ~$1.20 each, but hated having to pay that and hated having to drive so far to find them. We were able to return the walmart ones with receipt, so I guess we're a "Home Accents" display now.
  5. We were wondering how long it would take... Last night someone was pulling out of their parking spot from watching the lights and got their bumper clipped by another car. I don't know if they were both just not watching or if they didn't turn their lights back on to leave or what, but it freaked out us. We stopped the show and walked out to see if everyone was alright, and everyone seemed okay and in a good mood all things considered. We started the show again 5 minutes later. Still... Not a good feeling.
  6. We use the pulley method... Love it. But when one string of lights came off the hook this year, after it was up, and I didn't want to lower all the other strings, I just put my 20' ladder inside and leaned it against the pole. The guy wires were anchored well enough to support the weight. Granted, I had the ladder as vertical as possible so most of the weight was on the ground and not the pole, but that's okay. I did a lot of holding on to the pole instead of the ladder. ....I'm not in a hurry to do it again, but it worked for us. Pulley method is still by far the best, IMO.
  7. There's a mega tree in our display... Sequences: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/44323-Wilton-Lights-Last-Year-s-Sequences-Shared
  8. We've posted the sequence files for this show on our website http://www.wiltonlights.com/technical/ Be sure to read the accompanying info file before using them. If you use these sequences in your display all we ask is that you let us know. If you post a video of it, we’d like to see it. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
  9. I use GarageBand on my Mac (It's Mac only).
  10. Wow... Being compared to Richard is a compliment if I ever saw one.. THANKS! The white spots are standard 50 watt floods from walmart. The red spots (on the garage) are 75 watts from Home Depot. They are considerably lighter and cheaper. Though some of the red paint was flaking off one of them after a few days. Still worth it, in my opinion. They're much brighter than the heavy ones from walmart.. The coating is too dark on those IMO. And nope... no moving heads. Just 2 spots, one pointed at each end of the house. Fading from one to the other gives the effect of panning. Found that on
  11. 6 songs... http://www.WiltonLights.com/videos/ It's hard to make it out but the small blurry lights on the lower roof are light up pumpkins. $1 each last year at Walmart clearance!
  12. Found it! It's by "Galbatron" http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/toccata-et-fuga-in-d-minor/id395295301?i=395295466 And yes Vanessa Mae was our backup plan, but her studio version isn't as good as the live version (IMO), and the live version has a lot of background sounds to edit out... Thanks all!
  13. Thanks for the responses. hrmmm... That you tube link ends at the same point my MP3 does... (not the excerpt I shared, the longer but still incomplete one which I have in my library).. Does it just not have a proper ending? Can't find it in any of Jean Michale J'eare's stuff, or under "Jean Michel Jarre" either.
  14. Howdy Folks, We're trying to get ready for Halloween and wanting a good version of Toccata And Fugue in D minor, and I think we found what we want to edit down*from, but the problem is that we found it in my huge music collection and it is incomplete.. I have no idea where it came from, who recorded it, or what album it might have come from. So... Based on this minute and a half sample, can anyone tell me who did this version so I can go out and purchase it? http://www.wiltonlights.com/lor/audio/Toccata-techno-short.mp3 Many thanks in advance.
  15. Replacement arrived today. Aside from the mute button being a little flaky, it works fine. Stereo range without static is about 150' (through 1 wall and a window). Adding the extension antenna added only 50' or so, but I did not position or trim its length for our frequency either. I did not test in mono. Sound quality is "good" (as opposed to great, which our EDM is). Background hiss has a high pitched "ring" to it, but it's pretty quiet. All in all it's okay. It reaches across the street and covers 90% of the parking lot where people watch the show from, so it's an acceptable backu
  16. I did it earlier this year. I'll post pics and part number soon. If I haven't done so by 14-JULY-2010 remind me.
  17. I think if mine didn't have the defect I would have a similar opinion. It seemed decent otherwise (and I like the peak limiter dial that isn't really a dial but rather a toggle switch with built in mute button). 6 minutes on the phone just now - tech support moved me to "senior tech support Tom" who I told simply that I'd tested with 2 audio sources and 3 cables. He sent me back to sales who sent out the RMA email. 2 times on hold, total of 2 minutes probably. Email had link to website with warranty exchange PDF. TIP - type your info INTO the pdf before you print it to save hand writing it.
  18. Arrived today. Defective (line in has no right side, but will broadcast left to both sides if in mono mode). Got about 100 feet with 1 wall in mono mode with stock antenna. Ships with extension but I did not attach it in case it complicated warranty/warranty. Plastic case is pretty cheesy (stiff buttons, etc) but functional. Sound quality was probably 80% as good as our EDM, but that's comparing mono to stereo so it doesn't mean much. - Phil
  19. Tempted... I suppose I could sell it for the same price if we're not content with the range. Not everyone needs the range we need. EDIT: Order placed. Will post testing results in a few weeks.
  20. Considering this as a backup to our EDM. Is this so new that no one has tested it yet? I can't find anything about it in the forums.
  21. Howdy, We were rather surprised to get a letter inviting us to a dinner and ceremony at the local grange recently, where they said we would be the guests of honor and recognized for "contributions to the community"... We looked at each other and said.. "uh... okay?" Thoroughly wierded out, we went. It was a very nice public supper and afterwards they presented us (and the owner of a local store) with certificates of recognition in a nice folder/display. At the same time our local state representative presented us with another certificate from the state. Perhaps sometime I'll get them
  22. Apparently he didn't investigate his source to verify the claims he had been told. Clearly - you didn't either. Don't shower naked.. You're in a glass house. Though that won't be a problem much longer unless you run out of rocks real quick. Based on Robert's previous post, it sounds like your beef is with "Tarah on the phone from Winterland." Don't shoot the messenger. He just told you what he had been told, and he even told you who told him.
  23. FYI - if you do buy, they claim 20% off for using the code "Facebook" during checkout.
  24. I guess I just don't accept the premise that you can't use water. It may mean replacing the tubes with "better tubes" which are less prone to accidents or leaks, but so be it.
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