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  1. Jeremy,

    Do you still have any incandescents available?   I'm needing 32 strands of clear on green wire and 24 green/green wire and 24 red/green wire if you have any available.  

  2. Lucky for you... Absolutely ZERO red or green minis anywhere around me this year.
  3. My Lowe's at least called to inform me that the boxes I was about to go pick up were no longer in the store... at least they saved me the trip.
  4. Same problem here... spent all day yesterday hitting every Lowe's and WalMart east, west and north of Dallas looking for 24 boxes of red and green minis. Managed to find one store in Allen that had shelves of clear minis for a little more than a $1... unfortunately not a single box of red or greens. I had trouble finding green C7s this year as well.
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