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    37 years olds, father of 3.
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    Christmas lights (duh), sports, computer gaming, poker
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    2008 is my first year attempting sychronizing lights with music. Starting small with a 6-channel GE Lights & Sounds of Christmas controller. Interested moving up to 16-channel Lightorama controller next year.
  1. But if it says microwave fuse AND 15 amp, 250 volts, I've got the right one, right?
  2. Last week I posted about blowing a fuse in my LOR box for the first time. I have been having a hard time finding replacement fuses at a local store. The fuses in the controller are 15 amp 250 volt. Hardware stores are only carrying up to 32 volts. However, I do see packages of "microwave" fuses that look a lot like the LOR fuses. A quick internet search does show these come as high as 250 volts. So are these the fuses I need to be getting?
  3. Came home tonight to find my singing pumpkin not working. The FM transmitter was still transmitting the song, but no lights. Found that it appeared no power getting to the controller. Checked cords, breaker, rebooted the computer, no luck. Decided to pull the fuses from a controller that I'm not using right now to see if that was the issue. Replaced fuses, turned the power on, and the orange pumpkin flickered a few times, then I heard "zzzzz....POP!" and smelled burning wires. Started looking inside the styrofoam jack-o-lanterns that I use for a pumpkin choir, and found the culprit: One of the lamp light sockets I used was fried. Left a big black mark inside the pumpkin and on the 2 by 8 they are set on. I unplugged that socket, replaced the fuses again, and everything working fine. So it's off to Home Depot tomorrow to get replacement parts. I am thankful that's all it was, as a few fuses and a new lamp socket is much cheaper than a whole new LOR controller!
  4. I came across these RGB lights... http://seasonalentertainmentllc.com/rainbowspotlight.htm ...while looking for ways to spotlight the 3' white artificial trees I have in my display, and the idea of using any color I want is definitely intriguing. I understand that it will take three channels to control each light and LOR's software makes that possible. What i don't understand is how exactly do RGB lights connect to the LOR controller. Any helpers out there? I would be buying the lights completely assembled.
  5. Update: My sister-in-law called me from an Old Time Pottery and found exactly what I was looking for: 3' white artificial trees for $4.99 each! Despite the strange looks imgot from the other customers, i bought s dozen! Tested one out last night and it looked great! It really reflected the white lights well and the blue lights gave it a soft glow. I discovered that 1-100 count strand of each color worked better than 2 strands per color. I'm going to go ahead and use green wire lights since I don't have any white wire in storage and I hate paying full price for lights. I don't think the green wire will be too distracting as my minitrees are used mostly in chase sequences, I'll be sure to pick up a couple dozen strands of white wired lights after Christmas for next year.
  6. Anybody ever try to use a LOR controller on their vehicle?
  7. I'm looking at unwrapping and re-wrapping my floral easel mini trees for the fourth consecutive year. Between the first and second year, I increased the floral easels' size. Between second and third year, I had to replace several strings that went bad. Now I need to replace the ones I did not replace last year due to the blue lights fading. I'm looking for reasonably priced unlit outdoor trees, 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall. I think those would be the right size to hand 400 mini lights on them, 200 white and 200 blue. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to purchase them? I'd also be interested in knowing how a white tree may look as compared with a green tree. I've read where the white limbs diffuse the light better and gives a nice look in the dark.
  8. I have lamp kits purchased from Home Depot tacked to a 2 by 8, then place the foam pumpkins over the top of them. A stiff win occasionally knocks one or two of them over, but it has been rare this year. This setup is not in the video in my signature. Last year I used real carved pumpkins and wound up replacing half of them before Halloween due to rotting in last year's unseasonably warm fall. Live and learn.
  9. I bought the Michael's pumpkins last year on November 1 at 80% off and are using them for the first time this year. I used an exacto knife to carve them and have experienced no problems whatsoever.
  10. Great idea! For those of you who can't find orange lights when you need them, Walmart has a christmas light color called "amber", by it's really orange. Ive often found cases of these in mid January at 75% off, around 60 cents per box.
  11. I had this happen during my Halloween show, and it happened during my Christmas show Saturday night: It would only play the first song in my list. The only quick fix that I could think of both times was to set the show to play each song randomly (which I don't particuarly care for). I think I know what the issue was. Both times I made changes in the start time in the schedule director. I don't know why that would affect the musical selections, but it seems as if it did. Regardless, both times fixed itself after rebooting the computer. Anyone else have this issue?
  12. One of the best spirals I've seen, and particuarly impressive with it being seemlessly incorporated into a mega tree. How many turns around the tree is each spiral?
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