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    Mom with a 3 kids, a husband and a cat. Just getting into Christmas light displays.
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    Reading, music, watching my kid's activites, gardening, cooking, home decor
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    2008)- a giant Christmas tree with ornaments, house outlined in red, front trees blue, cutouts of Santa and 8 reindeer, wire-frame Rudolph, 9 mini-trees flash to the Lights and Sounds of Chrstmas, a stack of gifts by the front door and signs that say "Santa stop here!"
    2009 - the kid's playhouse was added as "Santa's Workshop" with Rudolph munching on a bale of hay, and more red on the house, Santa and his reindeer, including Rudolph, retired this year.
    2010 - The house got blue lights and the eaves got lights too (multis), the fake tudor-style beams on the front windows looked like the letter H, so Os were added to make "Ho Ho Ho". Santa is now hanging from the gutters of the second story. The playhouse is a gingerbread house with a Gingy cutout. The empty ginko tree got red lights and silver ornaments. The front is still blue.
  1. I did the grid method this year but I spotted an old overhead projector at the trift store for $10. They are closed for the weekend but if it's still there when I go back on Monday it is mine!
  2. Very nice job on your Peanuts gang! I like the added touch of real lights on the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  3. Well, I'm sad to say that 2 weekends ago some hoodlams stole "Gingy". We found his body on the side of the road a few houses down but his head was, and still is, missing I may redo his head and repair him if I get a chance before Christmas, if not I'll have him fixed for next year. No Grinch is going to ruin my Christmas! Speaking of the Grinch - I took my kids and nephews to see my cousin's big light display (www.lightup.ca). The kid's loved it. My favourite was that the neighbours were getting into the spirit too and putting up large displays. My personal favourite was the house th
  4. I downloaded all the songs as I'm always looking for christmas music that is different from the usual
  5. Did this last year with my kids and they thought it was the best! Love that you can personalize it with name, photo, special thing they want!
  6. the Amazon 25 days of free download Christmas songs appears to only work from the U.S., not available to Canadians
  7. Nice looking tree! - I thought it was a real one until I read the comments lol. Out of curiousity (sp?) why is it call a "Z tree"?
  8. I accidently posted this in the original sphere thread so I'll re-post here. I really like the spheres and may do something like this next year - giant snowballs perhaps. I was looking on youtube and found tons of videos of Christmas lights in Paris. Here is a good video of the spheres of various sizes: I found this video of the spheres in a fountain in Paris. They look like they are wire framed spheres, with white mini-lights and some kind of flasher (of the lighting kind ). It doesn't look like it is synced to music. Inside the spheres there are red ornaments. Very pretty
  9. Wow! Looks fabulous! I love the 101 Dalmations.
  10. Love the spheres! How did you make them?
  11. Thank you everyone! The house is a Little Tykes 3-D pastel colored playhouse. It used to live in the backyard until I used it last Christmas for Santa's Workshop. It stayed in the front yard all year and was used for Halloween and the invasion of the spiders, including a giant garbage bag spider on top of the roof. This year it became a gingerbread house, although not much different in decor from Santa's Workshop from last year, just Gingy instead of a wireframe Rudolph
  12. How cute! My little one would love it - anything Elmo! Does it giggle when you touch his tummy?
  13. I'm just posting a photo of my first ever cutout. It's Gingy from the Shrek movies, who is standing in a "gingerbread" playhouse. I think it turned out pretty good but after reading some good how-to posts I'm going to change how I do the cut-outs for next Christmas - thicker plywood, and cut out first and paint second - this couldn't be helped this year because Hubby kept forgetting the jigsaw at work Thanks for all the great info on Planet Christmas!
  14. Did you think of calling the cops and reporting a suspicious vehicle? When I was growing up a car would park down the street at nighttime (no houses, just farmland). My dad called the cops who came to check it out - turns out it was a neighbor girl and her boyfriend spending quality time together. I think she was embarassed and they never parked there again.
  15. We put our lights up last weekend (Nov 27/28). They went on the Sunday night. There is still a little tweaking to do and adding a plywood "Gingy" cutout before Friday - our official "Light-up" where we'll be throwing on the switch for the mini-trees and the Lights and Sounds of Christmas, as well as eating goodies and drinking hot chocolate!. I thought of waiting until Friday to put up all the lights but they were looking good so why not put them up as soon as we could
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