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    Newbie to LOR and sequencing. Have a small display of about 12000 lights. Mostly LED.
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    Anything Geekish
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    Transportation and Logistics
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    48 channell LOR 30 amp boxes. Roof outlines in three colors. No ability to place anything on the ground minimal yard space. I live in the cinty on a block so that pretty much explains it. PlusI live in the hood of Atlanta right by Turner field so thieves are all around.
  1. Sorry the adapter has been sold. Yes it was from the banner. that is why I stated that because I dofundraisers as well for JDRF. Sorry I did not elaborate a little more on that.
  2. BTW I am type one. Found out about 5 years ago. in my mid 20's.
  3. Cleaning house. That is where I found this little gem. under the couch!...
  4. I sold off my LOR equipment and forgot about the spare little parts I had.If anyone is interested PM me. Price negt.
  5. Why not? You will always be your worst critic. Most people will never know the little glitches your going to have. Trust me last year No one knew the trials and tribulations I had for my first year. Then I sell all my equipment and totally switched gears to use unproven products that I built... This year is going to be REAL interesting. I say do it anyways.. The kids will love it no matter what I promise that.
  6. check the new thread.I am trying to drum up any newbies and or people I may have missed so far.

  7. Blearning and I are working on getting together a list as total as possible for the upcoming years displays. We both work in the higher end transportation field so we will have the ability to try and attract more people to your display. If you are interested in sharing your address please PM me with you display information and your light and show length. I am not interested in how many bazillion channels you have because most people will not understand that type of talk. But, if you give me the basic like show times song amount and total light count I can put that and get it out to the masses
  8. We gonna have RJ there for DIY? I might have tons of questions by then about what the heck I did wrong...
  9. Do you have pictures of the Target mini trees?
  10. Let me make an inventory tonight and I willl get back with you on the Multi. Can you post a picture of the colors on the multi? I am just wondering if they will match what I have.
  11. This Sale is PENDING until payment recvd Friday. If you would like to be second in line please PM me. I will pu you second in line if something falls through.
  12. Name Code Qty Each Options ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CTB16PC - Ready To Go ( CTB16PC-ReadyToGo 3 219.99 No Assembly Required ) (Shipped) UPS Tracking Number: 1Z129A4W0395564068 SPK-ST Generic Starter SPK-ST 1 121.95 Cable = 50ft Cat5 Cable(+7.00) Package Connector = USB Booster - (Shipped) USB485B
  13. I am shooting for the same priced as went on sale this past February including shipping. I want to sell these for $200 per. That includes the shipping.
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