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  1. If you prepare the blow mold well and go lightly with the paint you can effectively use other spray paints besides those formulated for strictly for plastic. Rustoleum Painters Touch works well, I have used it when I was stuck for a color not offered in the plastic line by Krylon or Rustoleum. A close match for the pink is gloss Candy Pink. I suggest that once you paint with a non plastic paint that you seal the mold with a clear coat. It will help with adhesion over time. I hope this helps you.
  2. I had a Sylvania Yulescapes Snowman and a motorized Elf. I bought them in 2006. The Snowman, sadly, deteriorated badly (the foam) and I had to toss it. The Elf is still in working condition. At that time, I was tempted to buy the gingerbread house but didn't do so. They were widely distributed here in the Chicago area. I do recall them being more or less on clearance at FIM (a store here that would buy overstocks) in 2007 and 2008.
  3. That is one of the best deals I've seen in a long long time. Good for you, Elaine!
  4. There will be molds available at the Swap Meet at the American Christmas Decorator's Conference, coming up on June 20 - 23 in Carmel, Indiana. The American Christmas Decorators Conference IS replacing ICE, LUO, and C3... The concept to form one larger event to make things easier, as well as more valuable for everyone is one that has been in the works for a while. We will have ALL of the things that made each of the seperate events a success, so no matter if your interest is Blow Molds, DIY, LOR, pixels, or something in between, this is your event! The central Indiana location was selected for ease of access, affordable amenities, and a large list of things to see and do for families while visiting. The agenda kicks off on Thursday at Noon with the opening presentation and hands-on workshops in the afternoon, an informal dinner and meet and greet that evening. Friday and Saturday morning at 9 we have a full day schedule including continental breakfast and lunch (provided) and it will run through until 5-5:30, at which point everyone will be free to do thier own thing. Some of the die-hards that want to continue conversations into the evening will be welcome to hang out until we have to chase everyone off later that night to get some sleep. We look forward to seeing everyone there! For more information, click the link: http://acdc.whindo.com/event/default.aspx?lock=2437445-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0&key=5127df8620603cc
  5. There are so many people that helped with C3 this year, that I run the risk of forgetting someone if I attempted naming everyone. The weather fooled us, typical for Chicago. Who would have ever thought the remnants of a Hurricane would affect us here, and as we all saw.. it didn’t. But without the assistance of everyone who so willingly pitched in this year, supplied muscle, support, vehicles, patience, brains and tireless assistance, C3 could have been a disaster..thank you all from the bottom of my heart..Christmas decorators are, without doubt, the most generous, giving and helpful people I have ever had the honor of knowing. I want to give special thanks to all of our vendor sponsors, instructors/roundtable facilitators, and to everyone who attended..God bless and thank you all so much for everything. Special thanks to my husband, Dave, Cathy Fischer, and Terry Powers...you all rock.
  6. Apologies for not seeing these posts earlier..please forgive me. If you wish to come to C3, you still may do so. You will not receive a t-shirt, but I do need to know in advance. Payment of $40 at the door (sorry there is no reduction in price). Please contact me (Carrie Sansing) at [email protected] Four vendors will be here, Christmas-Leds.com (product and ordering); Winkelbottoms Wireframes (some product and ordering); TwoDogLights (no products, but ordering); LightKeeper/LedKeeper (no products); GordonLights (ordering)
  7. In the event of bad weather, we will move C3 to the host hotel, The Courtyard by Marriott 1801 Milwaukee Ave, Glenview, IL 60025. A conference room and the entire lobby is ours for the event.. No worries!
  8. In case you were wondering, there will be a rather huge swap meet at C3. Bring what you have to sell or swap, your junk may be someone else's treasure!
  9. I have a customer for this, asked for a new look. Thought I would share it here. The paint is finished but there will be another modification to change it. The plan is to add a string of LED C7s from the interior so that the tree will truly look like a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, software keeps giving me an error message that I have exceeded my allotted disk space for an attachment..sorry about that, carry on, nothing to see here..yet.
  10. There's lots to do here..plan on coming in a day or two earlier..you won't be disappointed! Register NOW! http://chicago2012.constantlychristmas.com/sponsors.php
  11. The White Elephant gift exchange was so much fun in 2010, we're doing it again this year at C3: What do you do to participate? Remember, this is voluntary..its not a must, but if you don't bring a gift, you don't get one. 1. Check through your stash of Christmas "stuff". Things that are in good shape or new, that you don't want, never used, or won't use. Your discard might just be perfect for someone else..then again, maybe not! 2. There is no minimum or maximum as to value..so if you want to, wrap up that spare controller you don't need.. or those boxes of c7 replacement bulbs.. 3. The White Elephant Gift needs to be wrapped, camouflaged, concealed..make it interesting. Go ahead, use that entire roll of tape on the 24x24x24 box with the c7s inside, we don't care..that's half the fun! Shopping bags, newspapers, towels, you name it.. watching people struggle to open their gifts can be fun! The idea is to keep people from guessing what is in the package and who its from. If the gift is gender specific, tag it and let everyone know. But no names.. 4. If you don't bring a gift, you won't get a gift..but you can watch the fun! 5. Gifts can be stolen, we encourage it, so be prepared..the gift you open just might be stolen by the next guest. A gift can be stolen twice..after that, it's pronounced dead and the person who has it at that point, keeps it. The gift cannot be stolen again once its dead. We hope you plan to participate. The WEG is a lot of fun, don't miss out. Start looking through your inventory..you just never know what you'll be bringing home.
  13. If you haven't experienced a C3 yet, you're in for treat! And if you’ve been to one before, you know how much fun it is! We’re working hard so that you don’t have to! C3 is brought to you by, in part: Creative Displays - http://www.creativedisplays.com/ Christmas-LEDs/Suprtec Novelties, LLC - http://www.christmas-leds.com/ ChristmasLightShow.com - http://www.christmaslightshow.com/ Displays in Motion, a Certified LOR Partner - http://www.displaysinmotion.net/ GordonLightsLLC - http://www.gordonlights.com Holiday Coro - http://www.holidaycoro.com/ Holiday Technologies - http://www.holidaytechnologies.com/ Light-O-Rama - http://www.lightorama.com Reinders - http://www.reinders....D/led_home.html Seasonal Entertainment - http://seasonalenter...owspotlight.htm The Demented Elf - http://www.thedementedelf.com/ Two Dog Lights - http://twodoglightstore.com/ Winklebottoms Wire Frames - http://www.winklebottoms.com/
  14. Glad to hear it Ronda and Alan! All the way from the UK! Very cool! And Richard, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  15. This is the fourth C3 held over Labor Day. It works perfectly. People are off, but they have plenty of time to get home and spend the holiday with family and friends.And it's not in the city, it's in the suburbs. We had close to 100 attendees in 2010, so I guess the date works.
  16. C3 - THE NEW, IMPROVED CHICAGOLAND CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE Once again C3 will be held over Labor Day weekend, Friday, August 31, September 1 and 2, 2012. C3 is intended for everyone and anyone that is interested in Christmas lights, learning new things, and socializing with friends. In the past, we have had attendees come from as far away as the United Kingdom, California, Utah and Texas. Old seasoned veterans and newbies alike, all are welcome! Our presenters have always been top notch. This year will be no exception. Please mark your calendars, C3 only happens every two years! Topics? We have some great ones in mind. More information to follow. Registration for C3 is now open. We invite you to join us in Chicago over Labor Day weekend..this is the one you don't want to miss! http://chicago2012.c...s.com/index.php Our host hotel is ready for you! On line room reservations are all set. Simply click the link below. When the page opens, the pre-negotiated rate ($84) and the group code is already pre-entered for your convenience. http://www.marriott....2&toDate=9/3/12 Questions? Comments? Post to this thread!
  17. You must be new to the Christmas decorating forums because you don't seem to be aware of how many of us do business. I'm not a store either, but I have a fairly substantial collection of blow molds, with many of them coming from individuals. I've sold more than a few of them too over the past decade on PC but there is no way I would ever send a mold to someone without payment first or knowing and trusting the person previously. That is the usual and customary practice. You also need to remember that the Seller has incurred shipping costs to the buyer as well as the cost of the mold. Why should they be put at risk? If you pay with a check and send the check via U.S. mail, certified, R.R.R. and it is cashed, you have recourse in the event you don't receive the blow mold. That's called "mail fraud" and you would have proof that you were bilked. If you use Paypal, you also have recourse against the seller.
  18. Awesome find..and the price was a Christmas present for sure
  19. I have a bunch of them. The chocolate cone, you can pretty much forget about lighting the ice cream portion (top) but the bottom lights fairly well with a c7. The vanilla and strawberry have been okay with c7s..but a 25W appliance bulb in the base is ideal for all of them. No need to worry about the plastic melting, it doesn't. There is also an orange pop (its called a Dreamsicle), I have one of those as well, very nice also.
  20. Mike, thank you, in 2012..I do my event every other year and God willing will be doing it then.
  21. I was kidding. Tom. I used 30,000 white lights this year..yep, it was very bright, especially in my tiny yard. I hope next year it will be even brighter because I hope to add another 10K!
  22. To my many friends here in the blow mold forum, I want to thank each of you for all that you have given to me over the years. Your friendships, advice, what I have learned from so many of you has been incredible. Due to personal circumstances, good ones I might add, I have to step away from being the moderator of this forum as well as the other forums on PC. It's been my honor and my pleasure for a long time. And I thank each of you for all that you have given to me throughout.
  23. White lights are prissy? Harrumph! My display was all clear lights this year (with the exception of my Maple tree which switched back and forth from clear to green). I wouldn't call it "prissy" prefer to use the words dramatic and elegant.. LOL
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