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  1. We put the lights on the front of the house yesterday and my little guy who isn't quite 2 yet was SO excited! He helped me carry santa's torso and then wanted to lift and hug all the deer. Then this morning on the way to school he needed to stop and say hi to our other santa. I think he was born a blow mold lover!
  2. http://www.planetchristmas.com/blow-molds/ I've probably read this article like 20 times, but I haven't tried it yet. It's very informative.
  3. Also, here in San Diego, the only place I've seen blow molds for sale was WalMart. And all they had was the snoopy molds and a couple jack o lanterns at Halloween. But that was probably about 3 years ago. Now they only carry inflatables. So craigslist is really the only way to get blow molds locally anymore.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm considering the 3rd one and maybe the first. There is also this one. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/for/4210146661.html So, I may just do the 2 "small" ones.
  5. I'm in southern california. San Diego area. Thanks!
  6. Wow! Looks amazing! I have major mold-envy!
  7. If no one takes me up on my Rudolph trade offer, I'm considering buying one of these snowmen. They all seem to be in great shape (Christmas is pretty sunny here). Is this a snow lady? http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/for/4210135871.html Is this Grand Venture? http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/for/4210097619.html Who made this one? http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/for/4210091639.html The prices seem reasonable to me. What do all you experts think? Thanks for your help!
  8. This may be a long shot. But I would like to trade my Poloron Rudy for a snowman. I have way too many empire deer and this guy isn't getting the love he deserves. I hope that he can find a new home with a Poloron lover who will welcome him to their blowmold family. And I have no snowmen for my display. Does anyone have one they would like to trade for my Rudolph?
  9. Thanks everyone! I knew there supposed to be 9! I only managed 2 total this year. It's tough to really focus on Christmas decor with 8-month old boy on the move. LOL!
  10. I think I may have seen this discussed here before, but I'm not sure it had it's own thread. My whole (almost 37 years) life I thought santa had 8 tiny reindeer plus Rudolph, to make 9 deer pulling the sleigh. Well, last night we watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and noticed that santa had 6 deer plus Rudolph. Then, on the way into work this morning I heard Little Saint Nick, and they sing about half a dozen deer with Rudy in the lead. What?! Did Santa drop 2 of his Reindeer when he hired Rudolph? So that there were 7 on that stormy night? What do you guys think? How do you set up your sleigh and reindeer? I've always been doing 4 sets of 2 and then Rudolph out front...
  11. Thanks so much Mel! I was skimming through the site looking for santas with white gloves, so I didn't even notice the "Adorable Santa". I would be more than happy to submit a good pic. My husband is a photographer and he said he could help me out with that. Where do I send the pic?
  12. I wish we had Menard's on the west coast! Thanks for sharing.
  13. What an amazing collection! Do you play choir music in your front yard?
  14. He was purchased in a estate sale lot with an Empire sleigh and reindeer many years ago. I think the sleigh and reindeer are from the 70's. He has Made In Canada printed on his underside. I didn't see anything like him on blow-molded.com. Thanks everyone!
  15. http://reviews.homedepot.com/1999/100676327/11-ft-eaves-hanging-kit-reviews/reviews.htm Thanks guys. The tile is sealed and every type of clip I tried will not slide on to them. I ended up getting this eaves hanging kit from Home Depot. I'll let you all know how it works out.
  16. The main/front roof line of my house has tile running sideways. Are there any clips that will work for this area? Any suggestions on how to hang our outdoor lights? We'll probably be using either c7 or c9.
  17. Thanks just_buck, but I was looking for just the light strand. Something like this: http://www.oogalights.com/12-Foot-Replacement-Stringlight-Strand-Green-Wire-10-Clear-Lights.aspx However, they seem to be out of stock everywhere...
  18. I just had an idea! I'll check the Halloween clearance lights for a 10-light set and just switch out the covers for my Ack Acks. But, if anyone knows where I can get replacement strings, that would be even better...
  19. Hi everyone. I'm new to this area of the forums. I'm usually hanging out in the blowmold forum exclusively. I tried searching the forum to see if this topic has been discussed before, and I didn't see anything. I use two of these Mars Attacks string lights on our Christmas tree every year: http://www.toytent.com/SpaceToys/3375.html And they are a much-treasured attraction in our house. But they are really, really old and don't always light up. I spend lots of time messing with the light string, trying to get them to work. I would like to replace the lights and I'm having a hard time finding replacement strands. Does anyone have experience with this? Are they just a 10-light string of white, or is there special spacing for the plastic covers? Is it possible to get a LED string? Thanks so much! ~Shannie
  20. http://www.hauntforu...ead.php?t=28728 I saw this idea for Halloween props and I immediately thought of using it for blow molds also. While it won't stop people from touching the molds; I think the majority of kids fooling around would drop a mold as soon as an alarm starts sounding... If I can find the alarms at my Dollar Tree, I might try them this year. The only drawback would be if it happened while we were out and our neighbors would have to listen to the alarm until we got home.
  21. I actually had this diagram with the parts list stuffed inside my Santa Sleigh: http://www.blow-molded.com/Instruction_Manuals_files/Empire%20Santa%20Sled%20%26%20Deer%20%231348.pdf A couple years ago the runners on my sleigh broke and I called and ordered new ones using the part number listed. I happened to get someone who would help me and I have brand new runners for my sleigh. But I have heard that not everyone at General Foam will help you with blowmolds. You probably need the runners and the the supports. (look at the prices from back in the day!)
  22. Thanks everyone! I like the idea of using the cable to fly them from the tree to the window/roof. Is there a thread with info on using the cable? I've noticed that the pics are gone from most of the old threads. I would say that my handy-lady skills are about medium. I do have a drill and I can navigate pretty well around Home Depot. So, I think I can get them flying on a cable, but it would help immensely if I had some pics for reference. I do have a 3 month-old little boy. So, it's entirely possible that I won't have time to do any outdoor decorating this year. But, since it's his first Christmas I really want to try to get at least Santa and a few reindeer set-up. Thanks again!
  23. Hi everyone, I haven't been around in a really long time! My husband and I finally bought our first house. We're really excited to get moved in, but I just keep daydreaming about how I'll display my blowmolds. LOL! It is a very safe neighborhood, but I'm still concerned about theft. I have the empire sleigh and 8 deer with a poloron rudolph. Does anyone have a suggestion for displaying it? It would be nice to get it on the roof, but I really don't want to break any tiles. I thought about mounting it to the top of the wooden fence some how, but then I thought that might look dumb. You all have way more experience than I do, so I thought someone might have a good idea. This is the front of our house. Thanks everyone!
  24. My cousin got a really nice color changing one at WalMart this year. I'm not sure if it'll be big enough, though.
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