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  1. Thanks, got signed up. Would LOVE to win a Christmas door cover, but the Halloween ones are pretty awesome too,.
  2. There are plenty of hotel/motels right around the convention center. A few of them are within 1-2 blocks of it, others are a few blocks away, but still within walking distance. Pleanty of restraunts, shops, entertainment as well. I wouldn't mind meeting up with a few people Saturday afternoon for lunch or a drink. I live 45-55 minutes away, and will only be coming up there to walk thru the vendor area on Saturday. Unfortunately, I've yet to start working with all of the LED's I bought on last years vendors sales and I really, really should be working hard on that. But, I've pick
  3. I would LOVE to be there, but I'll be cooking a St. Patrick's dinner for about 15 people on Saturday, and then spending all day Sunday helping a buddy brew 40 gallons of homebrew beer.... = NOFREETIMEFORCHRISTMASLIGHTS
  4. I'm only 1.5 hrs from Chattanooga, but I do not have anywhere to store something that big.
  5. Yeah, seriously crazy winds in East Tennessee. I only had 1 twig tree fall over. Only had 2 supports on it, and they really need 3, so this just added another thing to add to my 2013 Christmas to-do list.
  6. I'd have the electric comp come and check the connections on THEIR side of the meter. If you know you've done all your connections correctly, then hopefully it's a problem on their side of things.
  7. Did they disconnect service at the road when you replaced the panel? Maybe they've got a bad connection somewhere. I'd call them to check the service up to your meter. It's their responsibility to ensure their service works, I'd just keep calling them and complaining.
  8. no lights or connections on the ground. cover the connections with something to shield them from direct rain. I had GFCI trips all the time on my static display until I got my plugs off the ground and covered. Now it has to be a torential rain for it to trip.
  9. Quality, and that the big box stores are selling half-wave LED strings, and on-line they are most likely full-wave.
  10. Just got the email from Home Depot. THey're doing the trade-in program again. The even bigger question....WIll Ge have their discount coupon again this yeat, and will Home Depot honor it with their discount?
  11. I was wondering that too BIll.... Hey Jacob.... what's the scoop on the "bad" container?
  12. Sorry, just trying to persuade a forum TROLL to leave without actually telling him to "GO THE F*** AWAY". I'm anxious to get my lights, but I know Jacob come throug in the end. He's been up front with us the entire time, and above all.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
  13. When a vendor ships a container FULL of the WRONG lights, and they have to be re-made and shipped is not something Jacob can control personally. If it was not for the container of incorrect lights, we would have received our lights in June right around the time we were expecting. Anyone that DID ORDER from Jacob, and had a problem with the delays were able to contact him directly, work out the problem or cancel their order. Those of us that did order, and stuck with Jacob did so FOR LOYALTY. Yes we also saved money, and YES we are receiving our lights later than expected, BUT maybe WE DO
  14. Thanks Jacob. It'll be nice to have my lights in hand... this way I can put them in the garage and leave then until January when I plan on replacing my incandescents lights and go 100% LED for 2013. I don't mind all the delays and problems that have happened with the order, Jacob has kept HIS CUSTOMERS in formed of all the problems vis email, PM, and on the forums. Those that DID ORDER FROM MITS know exactly what's happening. Those that didn't shouldn't come on here and complain OR BRAG that they got their lights months earlier because you DO NOT know the entire story. I personally
  15. Jacob emailed everyone that ordered lights and informed up of the delays as they happened. I received an email on 5/24 saying part of my order was ready for shipping. and that the rest would ship when the other container arrived. Then on 6/7 Jocob emailed everyone again explaining about the problem with the second container and a detailed list of things that were going to take place with re-ordering, rush shipping from China, etc... So, those that did not order from MITS/Jacob do not know the full story, therefore you don't need to come in here and act like you do, or think you know o
  16. Hopefully the lights will clear customs soon, and then they'll be on their way to Jacob. With all the delays we've had, we have no control (not even Jacob) on the container clearing customs at this point.
  17. If you didn't order lights from MITS, then why are you posting here??? This thread of for keeping those that DID ORDER from MITS informed of the status, not for everyone to come and brag about how they got their lights from someone else and that even thought they paid more for them.,..... Blah, Blah, Blah... Please don't start a posting war. Please remember the 3 rules of the forums. If you did not order from MITS, then kindly move along.
  18. At least Jacob is keeping us informed about the status, and the error in the original shipment. I know most of my plans for the lights this year are not going to happen, but I'll just be able to start replacing lights on things the day after they come down. The last time I ordered lights from another vendor, I never got the correct lights in either length, bulb style, wire color, bulb color, or 1/2 vs full wave. In fact part of this order from Jacob is finally correcting some of the wrong lights that I HAD to use, because I have no other choice unless I didn't put up any lights at
  19. Of course it'll get flagged for inspection.....Wow, Homeland Security.....You SUCK!!!
  20. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddddddddd She's docked. Come on Customs.... Clear that shyt FAST !!!
  21. Straight shot to Houston now....Just passed by Jamacia, and will pass Cuba and Yucutan Penninsula later today/early tomorrow.
  22. Looks like she's on the move and heading towards Houston. 2 days to cover a lot of water, The captain, better ask Scotty for "More power"... AAAAANNNNDDDDDD, the date is now showing the 22nd.
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