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  • The original Rudolph did not have a red nose. In that day and age, red noses were seen as an indicator of chronic alcoholism and Montgomery Ward didn’t want him to look like a drunkard. To complete the original picture, he was almost named Reginald or Rollo.
  • The Christmas wreath was originally hung as a symbol of Jesus. The holly represents his crown of thorns and the red berries the blood he shed.
  • The three traditional colors of most Christmas decorations are red, green and gold. Red symbolizes the blood of Christ, green symbolized life and rebirth, and gold represents light, royalty and wealth.
  • Tinsel was invented in 1610 in Germany and was once made of real silver.
  • The oldest artificial Christmas trees date back to the late 1800s and were made of green raffia (think grass hula skirts) or dyed goose feathers. Next the Addis Brush Company used their machinery that wove toilet brushes to create pine-like branches for artificial Christmas trees that were less flammable and could hold heavier decorations.
  • ‘Jingle Bells’ – the popular Christmas song was composed by James Pierpont in Massachusetts, America. It was, however, written for thanksgiving and not Christmas.
  • Coca-Cola was the first company that used Santa Claus during the winter season for promotion.
  • Hallmark introduced their first Christmas cards in 1915.
  • The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on that day.
  • Santa Claus's sleigh is led by eight reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder (variously spelled Donder and Donner), and Blixem (variously spelled Blixen and Blitzen), with Rudolph being a 20th-century inclusion.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights on homes evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. Lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.
  • That big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard didn’t always look that way. Prior to 1931, Santa was depicted as everything from a tall gaunt man to a spooky-looking elf. He has donned a bishop's robe and a Norse huntsman's animal skin. When Civil War cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly in 1862, Santa was a small elflike figure who supported the Union. Nast continued to draw Santa for 30 years, changing the color of his coat from tan to the red he’s known for today.
  • Christmas 2018 countdown has already begun. Will you be ready???
  • Why do we love Christmas? It's all about the traditions. In this chaotic world we can miss the "good old days." Christmas reminds us of that time.


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  1. Well I didn't really ask about your opinion on MACs or Apples. But thanks for responding. Hopefully Light-o-Rama will create a MAC compatible version on day.
  2. Having twins will do that to you. I set up our Halloween display yesterday because the kids have been begging me to do it and I've promised I would 3 years in a row. I haven't been on the forums much and I see a lot has changed in the Light-o-rama world that I'm going to have to get caught up on. I plan to do a small Christmas display this year. I've moved states since I started this venture and my front yard is much smaller than it used to be. Time to get reconfiguring everything. Another thing that has changed for me is I've moved from PC to MAC. I can't seem to find any Light-o-Rama software for MAC though. Any other MAC users out there?
  3. They are only on for a short period of time. But I think when I first got them I let them run for a while. I'll drag them out of the garage and try again, but I've been pretty unhappy with them, especially since they cost me around $200.
  4. Sorry, I'll clarify. I'm interested in learning how to create the animation that is projected onto pumpkins to create the animated singing pumpkins effect. Also things like eyes in windows, etc :-)
  5. I have the CDI strobes, bought them about 5 years ago, but they do not go off at different times, they just all blink in the same sequence. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. I haven't been in the forums for several years now. About 6 years ago I started on my quest to create my first Christmas display. Then 6 months later I became pregnant with twins. I managed to get my first display up when I was 12 weeks pregnant, it was a fourth of July display. You can see a video from that display here https://vimeo.com/6253717 (there are others from the show on my vimeo channel) Someone on this forum helped me by sending 4 custom light strands that were made for the top of each pole, they had 6 C7 connections. I never asked this person to make them for me they simply offered, which shows the generosity of the people on this forum. Sorry I can't remember who you were, since the boards have changed since that time and I no longer have the messages that you sent me. I was also able to put up my first Halloween display that same year at 6 1/2 months pregnant, and my babies were born 2 weeks later! I have spent several years working on my Christmas display, I have 96 channels sitting in the garage, and endless amount of extension cords, and have never had the display up. The main issue is that once I did all of the calculations, I realized that I needed to put in a sub panel in my garage. I have no idea how to go about this. I know that I need to hire an electrician, but will it seem strange that I want a subpanel in the garage with a gazillion outlets, also in the garage? I really want to put up my Christmas display next year for my children who will be 5 by then and at the age where they will appreciate the display. I also do a lot of work for a couple of animal rescue groups, including fostering dogs, and I would like to try to raise money for them next year. Since the kids have been born, I have only been able to put up the Halloween display once. They were just over two years old, and seem to enjoy it. You can see some video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqIo7COloQk (at about 1 minute in you see more of the show) and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p7qMLqWEsw (this is more of just their reaction). So I know I need a subpanel for the Christmas show because the Halloween show is only 64 channels and uses mostly mini's while the Christmas show is more C7's. When the Halloween show is running, the lights in the house go dim. I've been browsing the forums for the last several hours, and I'm getting the bug again from watching all of your videos from your displays this year. I especially like the new ideas of the spiral trees and the corkscrews! Gotta figure out how to get that into my show. I'm getting lots of inspiration and drive to set up both the Halloween and Christmas show in 2014. So thank you all for your support over the last several years during my journey to learning about animated lighting. I knew nothing until I found this forum! Wishing you all the best for the holidays and a bright and happy new year in 2014! Beth P.S. I was very sad to learn today that Dave Severns in San Jose passed away last year from cancer and that show is no longer running. Dave and I exchanged several emails in 2008 when I was first starting out and he was extremely helpful and giving with his information.
  7. Anyone want to start a thread her on do it yourself projection animation? I would love to learn!
  8. I have don't stop believing, the glee version. It has two singing faces, but you can easily change it to one. Let me know if you want it.
  9. I'm thankful to be back in the world of animated lighting, after taking a two year hiatus. When I started this journey I had just bought my house and for my first Christmas I did a small display with "Mr. Christmas lights and sounds". It sparked my interest and I found this forum where I learned all I could about sequencing light shows. My first display was a 4th of July show in 2009. I had a BBQ at my house and then brought all my guests out to the front of the house for my first show. It was a proud moment and I real sense of accomplishment. Check out my Vimeo channel videos of a couple of the songs I used. http://vimeo.com/6253717 All of my friends were ultra impressed, and I thought I did a pretty good job for my first show. I enjoyed the experience so much that I also put together a show for Halloween that same year. This was only my second Halloween in my house, and I was disappointed that first year that not one kid rang my doorbell. I was stuck eating all the candy I bought (well actually I took it into work). The second year was different, my light show brought the kids up the street and my neighbors were all thankful that they weren't stuck with candy for another year. I forgot to mention that I did all of the above while pregnant with twins. I was due in late January so I knew that putting on a Christmas show would not be an option that year. Little did I know the ride I was about to go on. Just a week and a half after taking down the Halloween show I went into pre-term labor. I found myself in the hospital at 29 weeks and my doctors said they wanted to keep me there for at least 5 weeks while they tried to delay my delivery. I was in shock! Unfortunately they were only able to delay everything for 3 days and my twins were born at 29 1/2 weeks. They were unbelievably strong though, and only needed help breathing for less than 24 hours, but they were very tiny. They stayed in the hospital for 7 weeks while I went back and forth everyday to visit them. I did manage to put up a small static display that year. My twins came home in January of 2010 and I'm happy to say have been healthy and happy (they've only had one cold! touch wood!) The last year and a half has been a total blur, I just didn't have any time for light shows or much of anything else for that matter. To my neighbors' dismay, no 4th of July, no Halloween and no Christmas shows. But I'm excited to say I've been bit by the bug again and I think this year my kids will actually be able to share a little in the joy of the lights. I've started making plans for the Halloween Show and have purchased the Coro Pumpkin and Quartet. I don't think I'll use the whole quartet this year, but I'm excited to integrate the pumpkin into my sequences. I've been browsing the forums and have enjoyed reading about all the new products and upgrades you have all made to your shows. I wish I could be as technically inclined as some of you all! We are going away for Christmas this year, so once again, there will just be a small static show. But I'm happily sequencing for 2012! Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from you all again!
  10. Hi all, The strobes went fast. Thanks for your interest.
  11. Anyone interested in buying my CDI C7 Strobes? I purchased them last year and only used them in my 4th of July Show that ran 2 nights. I have 60 available.
  12. That would be awesome! It would definately save us all a lot of time :giggle: I echo what the others have said here. My first sequence took about 15 hours to put together. As time has gone on I've gotten better at it (I've been sequencing for just over a year). You'll find some short cuts as you become more familiar with the software and you find your "Style" of lighting. It now takes me about 8 -10 hours to put a new sequence together. You really need to sit down with the software and program one song to get the full picture of what you're getting yourself into. Choose a short song to start out with, I definately don't recommend starting with your 10 minute sequences you mentioned, you may become discouraged and give up entirely. If you are really interested in saving time, you can go to lorsequences.com and download a sequence that someone else has made and then customize if for your display. This could save you a few hours if the sequencer is advanced, however, still be prepared to spend several hours making the adjustments. Something else to consider is your diplay set up time. I spent hours figuring out how to balance the electricity load across my controllers. My first display was for the 4th of July and it had 64 channels. Setting up the lights and plugging them all in took me about 8 hours. Then of course there was the pre-set up time. If you want to create display elements such as arches you need to factor in the amount of time it will take you to wrap the lights. For my 4th display, I had poles that had 1600 mini lights on each, and they took me about 3 hours each to put together. And finally, don't forget that your work is never done. As you add more channels to your displays or new elements, there will be re-working of your sequences and each year you'll be replacing lights and etc. Bottom line is....this hobby will takes hours and hours of your time...it's not for the faint of heart. Good luck!
  13. Doesn't Wow Lights have a Halloween Video contest? You should check out there site.
  14. to make me a Merry Christmas wire frame for mini-lights. I'm looking for something rather large made for mini lights. I'm not planning this for 2009 but rather 2010. I'm not sure how shipping would work, so it may be best if you're in the Los Angeles area. Let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!:santasmileyitty:
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