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  1. If you are thinking of moving to pixels anytime soon, you will need a workhorse of a computer to generate the show. Also skip the MP3 if you are going this route - can't handle it.
  2. Dec 18-19 Christmas Decorations are 45% off Dec 20 – 24 Christmas decorations are 50% off
  3. The weather has not been kind this year, so setting up & tweaking the show took so long, I just got around to making a video. Rather than a dozen videos, I opted for 1 video of the entire show (about 29min). I did edit out "Little Drummer Boy" due to file size. I was up too late last night & now see I didn't upload the final edited version. The last few songs are out of order, but enjoy and please comment - even critically - I may not like all of the comments, but if I blew something in a big way, I do want to fix it for next year. Embedding within my website wasn't working last night, or maybe I was too tired, So click on either of the first 2 pictures to go to the video www.liberty-laser.com/Christmas (note - I have now added color spot lights to the house - very lacking in this video) Our 2013 Play List voice-over - Opening 0:48 voice-over - Walter Cronkite 0:19 Amazing Grace - Techno 1:31 Little Drummer Boy - Bob Segar 3:29 voice-over - Going Green 0:32 Christmas with a Capital C - Fish 3:44 voice-over - Disclaimer 0:16 Carol of the Bells - Monique Danielle 2:24 Dominick Italian Christmas Donkey - Uncle Pepe 2:32 Coca Cola Theme 1:01 voice-over - Neighbors 0:33 The Meaning of Christmas - Linus(Peanuts) 3:27 Wizards of Winter - TSO 3:05 Let It Snow - Michael Buble' 2:04 voice-over - Web 0:49 Soldiers Silent Night 3:47 voice-over - Close 0:31
  4. I use old C9 strings and pop the unused sockets off or seal with hot glue or caulk. I have strings done all 3 ways for several years now. However the CDI strobes will not be as bright after the 1st year. They don't loose much, but when set next to a new bulb there is an obvious difference.
  5. Just added to my tree farm: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/24-Inch-Pathway-Tree-Set-of-4/1041428122?categoryId=12800 With coupons, my wife picked up several of these for half the listed price.
  6. Try: http://www.amazon.com/Multi-Color-Lighted-Christmas-Cascade-Decoration/dp/B004JYIKNM/ref=pd_sim_hg_7
  7. I bought & sold a ton of these on eBay a couple years ago. I could buy them at Garden Ridge for $40 and sold on eBay for $100+. Still have a couple, but they are being saved for my kids who are now getting into this wild hobby.
  8. What are the image specifications to get Nutcracker to properly display images?
  9. This was my solution - Used re-bar and zip-tied the bottom hoop to them. So-far this seems to be working good. We'll see how it goes this season.
  10. 2nd this. Lasted about a week, some just a day or so. Had to cut the sockets back to make them fit. I'll try those Costco LED lights someone mentioned.
  11. This is what I do - Looking for something that works better.
  12. That may not be all bad. I won't use pavers - kills the grass, but I can make a bottom T that can be pined down. I like the idea, but will have to think about it for a bit to see if it will measure up. Thanks.
  13. I use gray PVC pipe for my bottom hoop to connect the Mega Tree lights. The hoop is 2 foot or so off the ground resting on re-bar. Problem - With the tension of the lights, the hoop whats to lift up. In past years I've sunk anchors around and tied it off but am looking for a better solution. I also don't want to do away with the hoop & anchor the lights directly to the ground.
  14. I bought 1 for Halloween & 1 for Christmas. This will be their 2nd year. Great crowd pleaser & looks great - Click on my website below to see for yourself. BUT..... Do NOT remove when temps are cold!!!!!!!!!! They will crack.
  15. This year, I converted my 5 channel arches, by taking the sleeves off the PVC & sliding down over re-bar pounded into the ground.
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