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  1. West of St. Louis on I-70 in a sleepy little town of Warrenton. Got the roof trim and icicles on gutters, along with 8 snow flakes on the roof. Got lots more to put up in hardware and finish "Music box dancer" but have about 7 sequences from the past two years. Got lots of time between now and the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  2. Max-Paul


    Sounds interesting Lori, Dont know what you all have in mind and what kind of place (inside or outside) or room we will have to set anything up. At a minimum I will bring my laptop and show how I do things and others hopefully will bring their laptops if they use them for programming and show us how they do things. Shoot, I know that last year I picked up on a few things that BobO does on his that made programming easier to do on mine. Like using the sloped solids in the timing grid to show fading. I was still in default that showed fading as dithered blocks that the whole block faded. Same for intensity. So count me in.
  3. I have up to 300 parapet anchors from CDI. This is for the horz C7 or C9 shingle mounts. See this http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/409/Parapet-Clip/ I dont need all of these and assume that there are others who dont need a whole 500 of them either. Need to see if I can sell some to recoup some money. Thanks
  4. Max-Paul


    I think that it is getting to late in this year to really incorp anything new from LOR for many. As Jason pointed out. There are some new faces such as Lori and maybe a few others I have not seen. Anyway, if SLAM is going to be anything other than a social gathering. Then I say sooner than later for the gathering. Although it might be mute for my comments. I might find myself tied up on the weekend you schedule the meet. Not to be taken as a dig at LOR, but I think any new products that they sell from this point out is going to be a no deal for this year.
  5. Very important that you understand this, and do not break this rule. Never put a smaller gauged wire on a breaker that can carry more current than the wire. Example you have a 30 amp breaker or larger with 12 gauge wire. The circuit could be loaded to 27 amps and the breaker will not trip, but the wire will start to heat up. Could heat up to the point that it causes something that it is in near contact, to heat up to the point that the material catches on fire. So, pull the current breaker and install a breaker that would be rated for the size of wire that you are going to install.
  6. Thanks Paul for the update. Must have been reading my mind. I was just about ready to post a post asking what was the status of the rope lights. At least it is still hot out where I can leave the ropelights outside to get it warm and easy to shape to some of my display elements. again thanks for the update
  7. But how about a multi turn pot like a 10 turn pot? I was thinking the same thing as you till your last post and it got me thinking about a 10 turn or maybe gear on both the motor and pot. We do that on big gantry mills that go 40 feet and accurate down to .0001". Ok, thinking about it they use encoders and tachs. but still a 10:1 with a 10 turn pot will give you almost 100 revs on the motor shaft that you can resolve.
  8. forgive me, but what the heck is an H Bridge? I see two limit switches and a relay. Although mechanical parts tend to wear out. The relay would need to be 3PDT. Two of the poles would switch the polarity going out to the motor. Just thinking, not sure just what you have in mind other than something going back and forth. I have seen the motor shaft turning a plate with a stud on the plate that has a slotted flat riding on the stud going out to a pivot point and beyond to what ever you want to animate.
  9. Ok, palm plant to forehead. Ok, so This I suppose is the incandescent lights and green and white wire shipment that just arrived. I forgot those above dates is the date that they are suppose to ship from China. Thanks for the reply Paul
  10. Paul, Seen some what I believe are recent pictures on FB of you all unloading a container. Is this a recent shipment? And are the LED Rope Lights in this container? Whooo Hooo more lights for all of us.
  11. FrostNsnow, Boy if you could cut the fat out of your post, it might become clear in just one post what you are doing and what you want to do. Ok, it appears that at this time your display is static. And you are wanting to wire up your display (aka Griswold style). Ok so you have a 15 amp outlet and you want to put on some power strips. Most power strips have their own built in breaker, so over loading a power strip is a possibility but the breaker will trip if one is overloaded. I think your question is, is it safe to use two power strips that each might have a 15 amp breaker. Yes it is safe provided you keep it out of the weather, like high under an eve or in a plastic box. Not real sure about the twelve plugs (is this 2 power strips with 6 outlet each?). Simple answer is as long as there are breakers at the power strips and then the main one out the breaker box. And all breakers are rated properly for the wire size then your gtg. Also I presume your lights have fuses in the plugs.
  12. Ditto on the thanks for the updates Paul. Dang, again one of the items I ordered will be on the last shipment. But hey getting it by July is still a good thing. I remember the year I had to wait till about Oct from a different vendor, so July is great.
  13. this is really simple. Dedicate one channel to be for your gate instead of lights. Make a start sequence and turn on and then off this channel for about .5 sec. Have the output turn on a small relay. Wire the N.O. output of the relay to parallel the push button in the house or some place closer to the drive that operates the gate. Also make a close down or ending seq. that again will pulse the relay for about .5 sec. might want to do this at the end of the ending seq. thus the cars can get back out. Say about 5 minutes after the last of the shows for the night.
  14. I think dmoore was hinting to your answer. I would like to offer up my version. You can not use LOR to cause a string of say 70 lights to chase within the string. Like lamp 1,2,3,,,,,,68,69,70,1,2 and so on. There is the CCR that this would be possible as dmoore was hinting to about pixels. With 25 trees, usually the chase is from tree to tree. So, each tree will be a channel each. and if you have three colors on each tree. Then each tree becomes 3 separate channel. This is where dmoore advised you to the need for 75 channels or 5 controllers with 5 channels left over for other use.
  15. Max-Paul

    Led Diodes

    If you are looking for blue LEDs, why are you messing with different white LEDs? Ah, have you tried ebay? I bought different colored LEDs off of ebay for a few projects I did. Converted icans to led. Have 15 of those 18" spiral trees from Home Depot. Now they are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White and Blue.
  16. Flogger, First know ye this. SCRs or Triacs can and do leak a small amount of current. Remember this, semiconductor is not a mechanical switch that breaks the circuit. And LEDs only require a small amount of current to remain lit dimly (5mA or .005 Amps) maybe even less. And the Triac in the LOR controller might leak even less than your standard wall switch / dimmer. Your test is educational, but might not be a real gauge of what you will experience when using one of the LOR controllers. 47K ohm resistor has worked for many people so try this size resistor again if you have problems with the LOR controller.
  17. If I was doing this, this is how I would do it. I would select a spot between two lamps. Untwist the wires so that I could get to each individual wire. Then Using some of those wire markers (cloth tape with numbers or letters) and put two on each wire. One close to the left lamp and one close to the right lamp. After marking each wire with two markers. Cut the wires in the middle between the two lamps. Now attach a wire to the left lamp on say wire "A". Take that same wire and attach to the right side, to the wire marked "A". Repeat this for each of the original wires you cut on the string. Well that's how I would do it. As to the location on the string, it does not matter if you do it this way.
  18. Paul, sorry if this is a repeat (forgot where I posted this before if it took). Where do the LED rope light fall in all of this? Is this in with the strings or the 2nd order? Thanks
  19. With logic like that. You will not live long or prosper. First logic is based on education. So, how much education have you had in the art of electricity and electronics? As the earlier poster said, but I will state in terms that was part of my education. There is one law of electricity I will pass on, there are more. Kirchhoff stated That the individual voltage drops within a circuit added up must equal the voltage applied. Lets look at that from the other direction. If the voltage applied is 120VDC and you have 20 lights in a string. Then 120 / 20 = 6. So each bulb must be rated for 6 volts in order that they will not burn out. Another just to make sure you get it. Again 120VAC applied and 100 bulbs is 120 / 100 = 1.2 volts per bulb. Now if you replaced all of these bulb with 6 volt bulbs. Sure they will not burn out, but there is not enough voltage to each bulb and they will hardly light up. Now this same concept holds true for LEDs but the math gets a bit more messy than what can be presented here. Now keep this also in your mind. These light bulbs or LEDs are for the most sake in a series circuit. As has been stated, your 70 count is two series circuits of 35 lamps each. And the two circuits are in parallel. Same holds true for the 100 count. But it could be two 50 counts or two 33 count and one 34 count to make up the 100 total. Now C9 ican are in parallel and they can be cut down to what ever count you want. Also the RETRO C9 LED are all in parallel and can be also cut down to what ever length you want.
  20. Oey Vey, boy is this a list of incorrect info. So, lets take it item by item. #1 RMS is the DC equivalent of the D.C. energy of a Peak A.C. signal. Peak is 1/2 of Peak to peak. Or Peak is one half of a sine wave. Where as peak to peak is a complete sine wave. Ok, just the one item, but a list of errors in that one point.
  21. Hi Brian, Sorry I dont frequent this site much anymore. I am surprised that your red led have a 1.3 forward voltage. Mine were closer to 2 or 2.2 volts each. But Otherwise you math looks good. I think that in your case a 1 watt resistor should be enough. But at the same time as long as space is not issue you cant go wrong with a 2 watt resistor. One thing I have learned is that sometimes even my math does not match up with the real world. Esp. when working with non-filtered D.C. circuits. If you use a filter (aka cap.) then the string does not play nicely with LOR controllers. But D.C. calculations dont play well with non-filtered D.C. so I have found that doing some calculations and best guess from there till I have a chance to measure with a meter. Note: I keep the current readings to 15mA. I think that this is a RMS value and so the peak current is more like 20mA. All I know is that I now have two seasons with my converted 18" spiral trees.
  22. Seen where someone is using one of those PVC garden sheds that are a little over 6' tall and about 4' wide and about 2 or 3' deep. they use a two wheeler to move it around. Looks like they put plywood inside and screw the CB and controllers to the walls along with a light in the ceiling. It is one heck of a set-up if your into having everything in one place. I think he is so big he has two as I remember it. Me, I just have all of my controllers as close as possible to my display elements.
  23. Brian, Ask roberson3 real nice and he might share what I did for him and his blue string. To be truthful I can not remember what values I used. I can tell you that I ended up having to buy and dissect a 100 ct mini string for the wire. In short I ended up putting a half of a full wave in the male plug and the other half of the full wave rectifier in the socket end. Then splitting up the 100 ct LEDs in two 33 counts and one 34 count circuits. With a resistor at the head end of each sub-string.
  24. Well most of our display is down, with the exception of the roof line and gutters. Of course the stakes and controller stakes are still out in the yard till the defrost. Already have two songs picked out for 2011. And have started but not in earnest one of the songs. Got LEDs on order with CDI and looking forward to ordering a couple of controller from LOR. Oh, well best get going on those sequences and when the lights come in, start wrapping 6 4' trees with 140 count 3 colors each. Dang but I do like doing this kind of work. Cause in the end results are so much fun to watch. Pray you all are doing well and your 2011 projects are taking off to a good start.
  25. Yes a very beautiful house and love the colors and how you have them worked into the house and shrub. Just a bloody shame that you do not sequence. Wonderful canvas to work with.
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