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  1. Madhatter, Have you tried hooking them up to your controller and flashing them. I've just bought a few of them and thinking about buying a bunch.
  2. For good quailty motion detectors I use pet 4 by Crow. They are pet immune to 90lbs and are harwired. Although these are indoor it wouldn't be hard to cover them from the elements. There are so many options and if you don't want false triggers buy better sensors. I don't have a outdoor detector but have 2 90lbs dogs that will let me know if some thing is somewhere it shouldn't be. Merry Christmas
  3. Pretty cheap way to do this would be outside x10 motion detectors, at around $12 a piece. Sometimes you can catch them really cheap at x10.com
  4. Mike Montgomery wrote: I would say it's pretty possible. My computer answers the phone and I have a software that would allow actions based on input. I wouldn't use X10 either Zwave or preferably hardware solution. You can view part of my house online at http://bdye.no-ip.com Type: "guest" without quotes for both username and password This is what I use to anser my phone http://tech-home.com/way2call-hiphone-desktop-version-p-252.html Not the cheapest solution and overkill for what your wanting, but will give you ideas.
  5. Take a class at the local community college as most have them. Welding is fairly easy to learn.
  6. Hi I'm in the planning stage for next year and wondering if anyone has any outdoor LED displays. http://www.selectricsigns.com/pdf/eclipse_outdoor.pdf This is what I found after a few minutes of searching. I think this would be awesome for giving people information. Any other thoughts/comments,
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