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  1. Def get the software and play around with it. It's a lot of work and very time consuming though. I do find it hard sometimes to find the motivation to sit down and program, but seeing the end product and the enjoyment it brings to so many people, I could never give it up. LOR products are def the way to go. They are so worth it and a great company with phenominal customer service.
  2. All I have is a quick sound clip from Home alone ("This is it, don't get scared now") after my intro and before my first song
  3. House looks good and welcome to the madness. I really like the tree out front. With what you have right now, you could easily control everything with 1 controller. I have found that one of the cheapest ways to go is the DIY LOR kits. I usually get this one (http://store.lightorama.com/ctascpa.html). It is mostly assembled, doesn't require soldering, and you just plug in all the cords. But if you can and don't mind soldering, you can save some money and get the kits you solder. If you can wait, I would wait till one of the two big LOR sales (1 in spring that is limited quantities and 1 i
  4. I am using it inside at wall outlet to plug in power for my controllers.
  5. I know this has probably been discussed before but has anyone used these before?? Are they adequate enough for GFCI protection?? http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-25ecodZ5yc1v/R-100117184/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=gfci&storeId=10051
  6. I ordered 8/11 and mine shipped on Wednesday Oct 3 set to arrive on Monday Oct 8
  7. The name of the song is Illuminations: Reflections of earth .... don't know who it is by.....it is from disney's illuminations show
  8. Hmmmm....never looked at it that way....i just hooked up the candy canes to check out my first controllers....for my show, i am actually having it hooked to 2 rope light arches.
  9. yea....i didn't even notice her till somebody said something
  10. I am sooooo excited. I just got my first LOR controllers in the mail the other day. Here is a video of my first sequence. I had it all ready using the demo. I have candy canes hooked up for display purposes, but they will be hooked to 2 rope light arches for my 2009 show.
  11. So there are 3 of us in Ewa Beach for 2009? Sweet. Miles lives just around the corner from me. I am in a townhouse though, so I don't have as good of a location. But it will still be an upgrade from last year. Planning on around 6000 lights, 32 channels, strobes, projection movie, arches, and more. I just got my first 2 controllers in this past week and this will be my first year using light-o-rama. Here is my first sequence. I have it hooked to candy canes for display purposes, but it will be hooked to 2 ropelight arches for my show.
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