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  1. I have had a terrible time this year broke my foot, hard drive crashed so I could use a little help with setting up I do this to benefit the march of dimes and not sure I wil be able to do much this year but could really use some help so if you live in Virginia Beach or close and would be willing to help out for a little bit please let me know I would really appreciate it.
  2. Yes I just took it to 2 more places they all said the same thing.
  3. It is toast took it to local comp shop and paid through the nose to find out all was lost drive is toast to put it in their words
  4. Please help I have been programming for 4 months and my computer just crashed lost everything so I am scaling down dramatically 32 channels if you have any sequences that I can work with 8 mini trees 8 channel mega tree 4 arches 4 channels each all will be white lights
  5. Does anyone now how to contact the owner of LOR or even know his or her name I have used his board to do some cool things I want him or her to know about
  6. Thank you for the help while I knew it was copyrighted I did not know you were not able to get it legally this way and I will check out those web site and if all else fails I will just keep writing code till I get it Thank you most of all for keeping me out of trouble
  7. not sure they will give it to me for my own personal knowledge or my own personal light controlers I have built tired and frustrated with trying to write my own code is out dated and something I just dont remember anymore
  8. Does anyone have have the asm file for the d-light or light-o-rama pic chips
  9. Thanks I will try it and any other suggestions are still welcome
  10. I am getting frustrated with the violin section in the beginning of tso carol of the bells synchronizing this part is proving to be quite a challenge any help or ideas greatly appreciated channels are not an issue I have plenty and also have all the usual features in my yard. sorry if this is in the wrong thread the synchro thread does not seem to be working right now. Oh yea I am using LOR
  11. why would you want to convert 120v AC to 12v DC yes I am a beginner and I want to learn as much as possible and also how do you convert it back to AC for your incandecents sorry if this is a stupid question just trying to learn Thank You All in advance
  12. Thank you Bob for the insite and help 40Amps wont hurt the boards
  13. I should add before things go in the wrong direction I am not asking to be spiteful I am asking so I can maybe add a few more strands to my display
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