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  1. yes you can cut a bad led out and either have a set that has been bad and sacrifice it to splice in another led also you can troubleshoot to find a bad led by ' taking a about 3 feet of a wire and pushing a tack through each end and going every 5 leds and probing into the wire , of the led set this bypasses the bad led and will find the place that is bad usually, I have had about a 98% success rate in repairing my sets that went half dim or totally dim!!
  2. We love to have more people, the more the merrier!!
  3. I agree with Justin 12' spacing!!
  4. I have retrofitted my wire deer with leds with awesome looking results
  5. I feel so bad for you, its awful to have things stolen, !!!
  6. I started to hang lights last week,!!, boy it feels so good to be doing it again, and so nice when we have nice weather to do it in !!
  7. wow, the poor guy, anywonder he is behind and having a rough time filling orders
  8. anyone have TSO Nutrocker sequence they would be willing to share with me, thanks
  9. I know the feeling, Last night we had a really bad windstorm with gusts over 120km/h, The wind damaged alot of stuff , rearanging alot, I spent alot of time repairing the things today and by the time It came time to light up, one of the controllers kept tripping the GFI After another 2 1/2 hours of frustrating trouble shooting I finally concluded it was a faulty GFI, I replaced it and the lights came back on
  10. has anyone else had problems with the LED retrofits for ordinary household lamps, made by "Lights of America" I have had a number of the flame tip shaped ones go out as well as the small mr16 styles as well as tonight I had half of a regular floodlight one go out. It is not worth my while sending them back for a warentee for shipping costs would out weigh the worth. I bought these at walmart.
  11. very nice <I wish I had one in my display, I have no inflatables unfortunatly
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