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  1. I sent 11 sets of defective leds to Holiday Creations today I called them however before I sent them and they were very interested in my concerns about the corrosion. I told them I belong to a group on the internet called Planet Christmas I told them of the corrosion problems many of you have had and the test that we have done to try and combat the problem I asked the person , if they had ever experienced corrosion around connections in a car electrical system .and the person said yes Well I told them what happens un treated alluminum connected to copper when moisture is added.
  2. Danielwh

    LED corrosion

    you can learn what rustcheck does by going to there webpage, I sure hope it works too If it does , its alot easier to get a couple cans of it and dip your sets of lights into it. one of the statements on their webpage is that "Rust Check preserves wiring connections, electronic components and creates a less hostile environment for mechanics, which will save you money and protect your investment" so hopefully it will protect the LED lights from what we are finding is happening. http://www.rustcheck.com/howworksasp.asp
  3. Danielwh

    LED corrosion

    Bulb grease may work fine with the sets of leds that have the removable bulbs, but here where I live in Canada, all the sets except for a couple I have seen ,all have sealed in unremovable bulbs. But still in the lens I see signs of corrosion. Bulb grease will probly work fine with the sets that the bulbs can be removed but in the case where they cant , hopefully the rust check that I have dipped the sets in will protect them fro mthe corrosion problem. One set that I hadnt done with rust check solution , I have noticed that the corrosion has leached out to where the wires go into th
  4. Danielwh

    LED corrosion

    Iwill let you know my results too of what I applied to mine I hope that this stuff works, so , we got two tests going on, one with set soaked in Rust Check and yours with bulb grease my test started in December These lights are too expensive to have fail because of corrosion
  5. Danielwh

    LED corrosion

    yes I agree, thats why its not a good idea to mix copper wires and alumimum wires together. its a natural occurance, copper vs alumimum. they need to figure out an anti corosion coating to prevent this from happening if moisture gets added in there this needs to be done soon or many people will get frustrated with the problems like we are having
  6. Danielwh

    LED corrosion

    Exactly what I notcies was happening to my led lights the last two christmas. im happy with the electric bill, but was very dissapointed with the break down of the led wires. I took pictures and posted them back at christmas time showing how extensive the corosion really was of a friends light set they had. I havent had too bad of a Christmas season thsi year with the leds, though there is a bit of corosion i can see in a few various sets of them. I had alot less sets fail this past christmas then the previous I have about 15 sets fail this year compared to about 40 last year. I still am
  7. I might do that, hey, you just gave me an idea:-) Thanks Daniel
  8. THat would be so cool, actually funny, to see someone actually putting up there decorations, I love to see neighbours reactions to things like that. got to love it Daniel
  9. I actually took our Christmas tree in the living room down the other night, and 2 in the kitchen the da ybefore, still have 4 more to take down, and I started taking down my lights outside the other day, I still have about 36 more sets to come down though, What is still up I still light up.
  10. I guess your right. No chance of taking them down any time soon with all the snow out there, I had a cord unplug from one of the trees in the very back . I waded through 2 or more feet of snow to get back there and then dig out the end of the cord to plug it back in. yes it is very tranquill, It is so nice to be able to look out and see them. It is relaxingI plan on leaving em on untill Valentines Day, Ummm, Maybe Ill leave the green ones on FOr St Patricks after that. I just love lights, as do most of the ones on here, Danielwh
  11. Im the only one that I know of in my town let alone surounding areas of the county that has a Christmas light display still up and lighted Actually even around here I still am gettign pretty nice comments about it. ALot of people say it brightens an otherwise long dull time of year. Danielwh
  12. Actually , all of what you see are real trees with lights on them. The ones closer to the house are ceder trees and the ones in the back yard are shrubs, and the ones just below the tall treeline are fir Trees, the angels are made of Plywood, the stars on the house are plywood as are the ones hanging suspended in the air.and the wreaths are real fir boughs on wireframes Thank you for your comments:-)
  13. Here is a link to Pictures I took of My Christmas Light Display I took the Pictures Just as it was turning Dark thisevening, Feb 1st. All the lights except for the big star in the tree are led hope you all enjoy Danielwh http://community.webshots.com/photo/547007171/2323847950059769025fZHVpv
  14. I am running the electric valves on the windchest at 14 volts so , I would have to run relays at that voltage Danielwh
  15. Where would I be able to find these relays, I actually probly could put it together if I had the stuff needed Danielwh
  16. heres a newer link to the Opus Two system. It says it can control stage lighting so I figure it must be able to control a lighting display, Id love to do a computercontroled display, Im allready partly there, just need help figuring what else I need Danielwh
  17. Hey there, I was thinking of doing a computerized display. As some may know here, I have a Pipe Organ in my house , I have added a computerized control to it for it to be able to play midi files. This system can be found on the site I put the link just below too. it says in the overview part that it can be used to control light displays Question is, If this system I allready have is compatable for controling a light show, What else would I need to convert the lower voltage outputs to the 110 needed to control a light display, DO I need some kind of
  18. Got our Lightbill Friday, we switched to all Led lights this year, we had not quite as many last year, I left them on this year from the time the meter was read like in years past, However this year I left them on from dusk to dawn and some days all day too. I have 3000 outside leds and 1800 inside. this year our light bill was 50$ less then last years bill for the same time period. and compared to the years before the led lights this light bill was 200$ less then them years LED lights do save energy Danielwh
  19. Actually I bought them at Canadian tire Canadian Tire Warranty If a product is defective, the manufacturer's warranty applies. If none is specified, this product carries a 5-year Canadian Tire warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store I took about 20 sets back from last season with no questions asked Danielwh
  20. Maybe I should try to get all the water out of them instead , hopefully before it mildews in side the lens and then clear silicone the top areas where its getting in. woudl oyu recomend this??
  21. Here is s picture of my oldedst light set. It has cotton wrapped insulated wires
  22. here is the picture of the mini screw in lights
  23. cool I wil ltake picture of the set tomorrow, can you take a pic of your set in theskirt its in Danielwh
  24. Excellent Idea, I will get a very small drill bit and do that I may do that tomorrow Thanks for the idea Danielwh
  25. Why not get some of them cement things about 6 feet long and about 8 inches high ,you sometimes see them in parking lots infront of stores to stop cars from driving into the store. Line your property with them about every 3 1/2 feet apart. I guarentee no one will drive on your lawn unless the yhave a big truck. Danielwh
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