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  1. I have a set of old mini lights that have a screw in base instead of the kind were used to seeing now a days How old would these lights be, I will add a picture soon. I think there is like only 10 in the loop set according to the label on the cord, they were made in Japan and are CSA approved in Canada
  2. Even with the problems I have had, It still wouldnt stop me from buying more, I think they are beautiful and the colors are so rich. I just hope they go down in price in years to come to be comparable to regular light costs. I would rather them cost the same as a disposable set of minis without the 5 year warrentee Danielwh p.s. I HIGHLY RECOMEND PEOPLE TO BUY LED LIGHTS
  3. I think I made a mistake, I meant tosay these are the C-9 by noma not the C-7, sorry for the mistake Danielwh
  4. Actually the plastic lens has very tiny drain holes around the area I have the arrows pointed at, dont know why though, I would think a completly sealed unit would be much better. When I shake the led lens, water drops out of the holes one drop at a time If it was coming in the wire it would be around the led itself, the led itself in this unit is dry Danielwh
  5. the lens does come off but the plastic around where it sets in the socket is brittle and breaks very easy.I have taken a couple off, I dont think it supposed to come off though .fortunatly in these sets the water dont get around the actual led, the problem with these ones I worry about is if enough water gets in and freezes it will bust the plastic. Danielwh
  6. yep its water and it seems when I tip them and shake it, the water comes out in drops but it would take forever to get all the water out of each one that has it in the plastic lens seems to have tiny drainholes in the base of the lens, I guess the light isnt ment to have facing down Danielwh
  7. I enclosed a picture of the water that has found its way into the plastic lens of thsi set of leds, about a quarter of the bulb is full, not just one bulb either, its about 3/4 of them Danielwh
  8. I usually leave my light display up and on untill Valentines Day Danielwh
  9. I did the same thing, this year is the second year Ive done it, I bought an inverter for our Grand Prix and put lights in the back window Merry Christmas Danielwh picture attached
  10. Danielwh

    Led's in use

    Awesome Display Annalisa. Merry Christmas Daniel
  11. In my area of Nova Scotia, I saw sales this year at our local Drugstore for sets of 35 outdoor multi color LED sets by Holiday Creations for 4.99 As well Over on Prince Edward Island 2 weeks ago there was a sale on for the same for 4.99 at Home Depot Danielwh
  12. I just got off the Phone with nova scotia power CSA has just ordered a recall of any LED set of any color that has that strange capsule like connector on the set, manufactured by Bortex Whether the set is an inside set or an outside set, they say to unplug them immediatly and if possible return to where purchased. they are dangerous. , actually I have 6 sets of them, 1 blue and 5 multi. what a pain, Our christmas tree is allready decorated, I smashed a number of glass ornaments getting them off. Daniel COD-TL-35 recalled
  13. All the problems I have had with mine so far, none of mine have been recalled as I know of. Daniel
  14. Nope, this I think is a new batch distributed this year Daniel
  15. heres the link to Nova Scotia Power Recall site http://www.nspower.ca/AboutUs/WhatsNew/detail5208.html Daniel
  16. here is a link to an article about the recall Nova Scotia Power issued a statement Thursday "asking people to immediately disconnect" and stop using the LED model: COD-TL-35 07/2005 "In the past 24 hours, we’ve identified what we believe is a concern," Margaret Murphy, Nova Scotia Power spokeswoman, said at about 5 p.m. Thursday. But she wouldn’t pinpoint what’s wrong with the model of LED multicoloured outdoor lights that is raising concerns http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/Front/471544.html also bortex has this on there site now too http://www.globe-canada.com/bortex/
  17. for these 3 sets its too late for them, but with the sealed newer ones I am quite sure corosion is the problem, and I dont think there is a way of getting Rust CHeck stuff in them. Excellent idea though Thanks Daniel:tree:
  18. here is another pic of the problem
  19. I inherited 3 sets of led lights yesterday from someone who had them fail. THese ones were bought from Walmart 2 years ago. they are the C6 type tha t the leds could be removed I think the failure of thes is the same thing happening to the new sealed ones. water is somehow finding its way into the sealed housing
  20. I am now back at my Home in Nova Scotia. When I returned home I immediatly noticed that I had 2 sets of blue LED lights half out. one set was the mini ice ones from NOMA,the other was a C6 style from Holiday Creations both of 70 lights I also have a set of 35 true green ones that now have 3 leds out, and another set of green 70 with 2 out. Daniel
  21. by the way, the scorch mrks I notice in mine is between the lensand the led just around where it joins the moulded socket.It actually is black,I broke one open to see what was realy happening and it did smell like smoke and it looks like it had been arcing. Daniel
  22. I also hve bought colorwave lights from Canadian tire by NOMA. I have noticed that the last set of 35 I have in the center of the set one of the leds remains constant red an dthe rest of the set changes color.This set I notice has at one time been really out of sync with the other sets nd even itself, one night i looked and half the set was out of sync with itself. Also have notcied my red to blue ones by the same company are not turning to the full color change they had started out with at first. they dont turn to the complete red before they cange back towards the blue, seems they go to a
  23. looking at the picture you included,I have sets by thesame manufactuer except in the multicolor onesMade by Tingshen. What really concerns me is, if thsi connection can cause such a problem when it rains.Well what about the scorch black that I have been noticing in my sets of other various manufactuers.Is there a risk of fire as well with these ones.I will send pictures to this list when I return Home .Currently I am visiting Prince Edward Island. Before I left for PEI I noticed I was having individual bulbs go out cont..... Daniel
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