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  1. Lovi it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hi everyone, I've been trolling this website for a few years in hopes of having my own display some year. I look forward to seeing eveyones' display. I have enjoyed yours Howard for years and was introduced to this site by your display, thanks. John
  3. Would this be in Milford? and am I right in thinking that Milford is near New Haven? I am asking because RI is so small that if it was closer to us we would love to come too?
  4. Thanks Fabian, I love it. Very simple yet very elegant. Thanks for posting.
  5. Wondering if anyone is doing anything for Easter and would love to see pictures.
  6. I drove by there last night but it was late and didn't see much. If someone can remember to bump this thread next season I'll try and take pictures. That bug is also a movie star, it was in a couple of movies I believe.
  7. Frank, I'm never around there, I'm always taking rte. 37. I seem to remember from years ago that they had a lot of bm's and lights. I am surprised that it is still lit. Yea, what he said.
  8. Hi Dan, I don't usually go that far south so I am not familliar with what you are talking about but I will take a ride by tomorrow to see it.
  9. how about somthing like a sewing machine foot pedal? Just my 2 cents:)
  10. left click on person's name in post, then choose send private message.
  11. If you click on the picture it blows up nice and big.
  12. Hi Leroy, Search the forum for Bethlehem Star. I know it is a big star with 3 channels. Very nice star.
  13. Congratulations on winning the lottery!:giggle:
  14. Thanks Howard, It might be nice to maybe get a few of us from RI to maybe split some cases and maybe even save on shipping also. I'm not sure what I might want yet. I was at walmart at the mall today and they had more than I expected. Lots of reds and multi's, I think Frank got all the clears, those are the ones I'm after.
  15. Thanks but it's still too expensive- $3.82 for 100 ct. minis. Maybe when they go to 75%.
  16. On the left of the screen under site navigation ckick sig generator and give them a try.
  17. Thanks Howard, I wonder if anyone else in RI is placing an order and might want to split cases?
  18. Thanks but there is no Garden Ridge up here:mad:. I wonder if there will be a group buy for CDI. Good Luck
  19. Anyone besides Frank have any luck finding lights? Getting depressed finding empty shelves. Good Luck
  20. Hello, I decided to spend my off time on Christmas day looking at software for the display I hope to build for next year. I decided to go with DIY renards for the hardware (well I didn't have a choice, or the $$), I will watch the sales though for LOR units. As for software I downloaded demo versions of LOR and Lightshow Pro. I also downloaded Vixen. I didn't know that the LSP version is only good for 30 days. My questions are, does anyone have experience using multiple programs, which is better? And, how should I test these? I don't know how to use them, can I drag the same seque
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