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  1. Great display!!!!! Where do you store all that?
  2. nice haul. It was a fun day as I picked up 8000 LED's at 75% off. I left left a lot behind.
  3. Thanks for all the help. I found some at Walmart that are rated at 15 amps that cost $9.97. The ones at Lowe's are rated at 8 amps. I am going to give the Walmart ones a try. On a side note my Walmart sure has cut back on all Christmas decorations.
  4. Anybody have a good source for outdoor photocell timers? Thanks David
  5. Our small town (Hamlet, NC) is looking for some new decoratiosn for our streets. Could anybody recommend a supplier for commercial decorations? Thanks David
  6. shirtman


    They were having computer problems as I went to two stores and they had to manually correct the pricing at each store. Got about 10,000 LEDS today. I even ordered some at one store online and picked them up. They had to correct the price but at least they were pulled off the shelves.
  7. shirtman


    Lowes went to 60% off this morning. Was able to get over 8000 LED's.
  8. You are the man!!!! Great tree and video.....
  9. I couldn't find them on the site. Guess they are sold out. Maybe I can get one next year.
  10. DavBro, These people aren't to far from you. I use them for sign material for the ballpark. They deliver to me in Hamlet. http://www.realpagessites.com/sunbeltsigns/ You might be up for a short road trip one day to see what they carry. Your light display is something. Next year I will come up and see it in person. Wife is always willing to go to the big city for shopping. David
  11. I ordered some inflatables from Home Depot on Christmas day and received them today.
  12. Lights, ornaments, etc were on sale at 50% off.
  13. Our Lowe's put what was left on 50% sale today. I was able to get plenty of extension cords at half price. They also had some of the items from Black Friday sale back on special. Good deal on a 18v tool set for $38. It was sad on the lights but last year was a good year. Merry christmas to all.
  14. When will the 50% or more sales start at Walmart, Lowe's, HD, etc? Just want to know so I don't have to keep going out for a gallon of milk to check Walmart. I can't drink that much milk. Thanks
  15. Stopped at Walmart and was told that when they open tomorrow (Friday) at 6:00am Christmas items will be 75% off. Now that's Happy Holidays. Good luck to all that go for the hunt.
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