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  • My favorite Christmas story
    The first time my youngest grandaughter saw the display (1 1/2 yrs old) she spent almost the entire night standing in front of the candy canes dancing to the music. We had to carry her back into the house
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    Box Elder, SD
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    Retired Military -
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    Golf, Motorcycles, Fishing
  • Occupation
    Full Time Retiree
  • About my display
    Basic AI display - 20 channels (16+4 rider) 3 wire frame trees, deer, "presents" candy canes -
    Prerecorded AI Shows on SD - not into programing yet
  1. Just tried to go to the site - getting a domain is not available again today.......
  2. I'll be back in town, I'll try my best to make it John
  3. Tom - We really enjoyed your show - along with the "public service announcement" you've added. Look forward to that possible cup of coffee after the season is over-
  4. I'm located in Holly Springs, NC - about a mile down the road from TomD. I have a basic 16 Channel Animated Lighting Display, 3 Wire frame trees, 2 deer, 3 LED packages and candy cane lights. I have a 4 channel box attached that controls the lights on the fence behind the display (going on the house next year) This is my second year displaying - looking at maybe programing my own next year
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