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    i enjoy christmas lights, an adding to the display every year.
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    multi-color outlined roof
    outlined yard appox. 80'x100'
    10 driveway arches
    various air blowns
  1. he was working good this year until a few days ago, possibly a problem with the fabric, has anyone experienced this?
  2. i have an 8 foot tall frosty that is having trouble staying up, does anyone know of a motor that might work with him, i have not seen any tears on him. tried one from a gargoyle from my halloween display and no luck.
  3. this might be a lot easier for anyone that has went to the festival of lights at the cincinnati zoo this year. they had a song playing in the animated display on the lake that started with children? singing merry christmas, merry christmas, merry christmas. don't know why but it was kind of a catchy song and was nice with the display. thanks in advance for the help!
  4. i would like to put a hot air balloon santa from home depot on the roof of my ranch style house, has anyone tried this yet or tried something similar with a larger inflatable?
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