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    happily married, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 26 years old, born and raised in las vegas. Bar tend on the stip, and am also a sales exec for a tequila company.
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    cars, holiday lights, tequila, beer, airsoft
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    Bartender, Sales/Marketing
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    Didnt go too crazy this year. Tried out a programmed system made by Gemmy, was a complete flop with the amount of lights I have. So, I downsized a bit and ran with a modest static display for the rest of the month.
  1. For any west coasters, I use Montroy Sign supply. $12 per sheet for 4mil white http://www.montroy.c...in/location.app
  2. Not sure how Im going to theme my display for next year. In the past, EVERYTHING has been Tigger related in our front yard as my wife is a big Tigger freak. However, I would like to switch it up a little. I was thinking Nightmare before xmas, but not set in stone yet. The only pic of have of the lights mounted was my experimental/modified LED C7s on the Doughboy I made for my mother in-law. Pictured is the back panel and the middle panel (which contains the modified C7s.), drilled holes, slid the LED through and then screwed on the plastic C7 bulb which had been cut in half. ( A PITA btw and I dont recommend it). Drilled through the back panel as well is a 12" piece of PVC to slide over the rebar stake in the yard. The second time around on R2D2 I did the same thing, drilled holes and put the lights through the middle panel, but I just used a strand of 60 mini LEDs, so there was no modding lights needed. Saved a TON of time. I string some metal wire through the center and back panel to pinch them together so they dont move, then cross-cut 3" wide strips of coro to go around the edges and I hot glue the 3 panels together... doing the top/cover panel last. Its important to cross cut for the edges and not cut long ways. Cross cutting allows the edges to fold better going around sharp turns/corners. I had more pictures but my phone decided it wanted to erase them To do the black outline I used automotive pinstriping, and for color I used Prismacolor makers.
  3. It was my first year trying coro, but think they turned out ok. I wasnt happy with the "experimental" lighting I used on the doughboy... I liked my lighting better on R2, but didnt use enough lights in my opinion. Gave me some good practice for next year though Each one stands about 3' tall.
  4. clear blue skies today so lol I was born and raised here myself. As long as you have strong family values and good parenting, its no different raising a family here then anywhere else. Its all in teaching your kids to stay away from temptation, and keep tabs on their day-to-day. Anywho.. like i said before, GL on the move.
  5. Have a safe trip back! Very few people get outa H.ell, let alone want to come back. HAHAHA
  6. Ok, dont know if its been posted before, i couldnt find it... which one of you crazy genius' did this and how the heck did you do it? lol This is awesome!
  7. can you hang on to the cop and tigger through the weekend for me? and shoot me a PM with a shipping estimate to 89131. Thanks
  8. Drove by there yesterday, nice little set-up... the cutouts are awesome!
  9. Well, long story short, Im foreclosing on my house at some point. I havent paid the mortgage in 7 months, but havent received a 30 day or anything like that yet. My fear is i get a 30 day in the next week or so, and then taking down xmas lights and packing them is just one more thing to add to my "to do" list before I have to move out. What do you think? Put them up, or leave them down? Im really sad, the idea of not having lights, and im really trying to talk myself out of not putting them up. I def. wont be doing my first LOR this year...itll def be static still, but itll be my first xmas EVER with no lights. What would you do? Darren
  10. Im rather new here myself. I have no kind words, but I can say I did use the Gemmy 6 channel last year... bottom line, its a POS in comparison to what we'd LIKE it to do. The only real way, from what ive noticed, to get what youre going for is with something like a LOR setup. I blew up 3 of the 6 channel Gemmys last year. Sams club wouldnt take my returns after the 3rd one lol
  11. i would love to find some purple on sale. i might wait for Halloween to roll around
  12. I snatched up about 10000 lights yesterday and 6 of the 3ft trees. Cant wait for 2009 already... it will be my first animated display!
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