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    been putting up lights since i was a teeager each year putting up more and more. Work as a carpenter married with 1 child
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    roughly 80,000 lights not too sure haven't counted for a couple of years. Mostly static added a lights and sounds of xmas this year wanting to go animated maybe next year

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  1. Welcome to the forums, You can get a flux wire welder that dosen't run on gas but the welds won't be as clean. If you are going to do it to make money as a side job I would recomed a miller or hobart welder that can run on gas or flux wire. You would also need a few tools to make the bends in the wire, a ring roller is handy along with a good vise.
  2. 1st wireframe I welded last year, now I have to get busy making Santa and his reindeer that will be hung up between my house and the neighbors. Yes I know I'm getting a late start but I work better under pressure.
  3. http://www.planetchristmas.com/RopeLight.htm Read this article it pretty much explains the process.
  4. Lowes or home depot sells those caps in the wire frame shelving section those should work just fine
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